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Parkway Contracts first came online in 2013 as a Volkswagen car leasing company. They have since grown and is one of the UK’s main Volkswagen retailers. They have 5 fully franchised retailers through the East Midlands and provide service and delivery across the British Isles.

Parkway started doing paid search in year 2013 – it has been a strong and consistent driver for growth of the business, particular in the early years. In recent times increased competition had driven the performance of online activity, particularly paid search back.

Parkway however believe that paid search will continue to be a key element of the marketing mix for them as they found it a great way to reach new audiences, promote their USP of price on a real-time basis whilst looking to grow their business by increasing the range coverage which was promoted through paid search.

Since working in partnership with Broadplace the traffic to the website as well as enquiries have consistently increased and improved. Budget that has been allocated to Google AdWords has been used more wisely and effectively leading to a greater amount of conversions and leads WoW.


Parkway’s main objective was to gain more leads from their Paid Search Traffic.Through restructuring their account in accordance with the Broadplace model, and applying best practice throughout their campaigns, Parkway was able to increase overall efficiency and whilst maximizing return on investment. The extensive campaigns encompass the full range of Volkswagen models and drove consumers to complete valuable actions via phone call conversions, online form submissions and in store enquires.


  • Track Valuable Events In Consumer Journey.
  • Increase Exposure across products.
  • Drive enquiries through a long conversion funnel.


  • Implement Google Tag Manager Google Analytics
  • Set up call tracking
  • Rebuild campaign


  • Google AdWords bring in over 50% of Parkways conversions.
  • Improved CTR from 0.06% to 21.14%.
  • Click Conversion Rate has increased from 0.34% to 1.11%.
  • Cost Per conversion decreased from £3,138 to £104.26
  • Search Lost to Rank in May was 46.25% and now only 2%.


100% product exposure with full appreciation for offline and online conversions have re-established paid search as a crucial marketing channel for Parkway Contracts. With existing account structure optimized Broadplace have already been able to suggest and implement more advanced search marketing features to ensure continued MoM growth.

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