Google Analytics Audit

Ensuring your digital marketing activity is being tracked accurately.

Being able to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing is essential. Not only does it allow you to optimise and refine your campaigns for greater success, it also enables you to accurately measure your ROI.

Google Analytics is a free, accurate and insightful tool to track your website and campaign performance, including website traffic, conversions, revenue and visitor engagement. It needs to be set up correctly to allow accurate reporting so that you can make informed decisions about your website and digital marketing campaigns.

If you need help installing Google Analytics on your website, or need help interpreting the data, our qualified team is here to help.

What Our Google Analytics Audit Includes

Our account managers are all Google Analytics certified, so they’re very comfortable assessing and reconfiguring your Google Analytics setup if necessary. We assess everything from the basic tag setup to the goals and conversion tracking. If there are particular views or reports that you’d like to use, we can also configure those for you.

We’ll assess your audiences and Google Ads integration to ensure you’re making the most of the targeting and data integrations between the two tools. If there is any data you don’t want included, for example internal company data use, we can help filter and exclude it. Anything Google Analytics can be handled by our team here.

Tag Management

Google Analytics Tag Implementation

Google Analytics allows you to track enquiries, purchases and events (such as clicks or downloads). However, they need to be set up correctly so that they are tracking the information you want to measure.

Many of the issues around data inaccuracy are caused by an incorrect setup of the Google Analytics tag on your website. Our team will help uncover the errors and setup your Analytics correctly for accurate reporting.

Goals and Events

Google Analytics Event & Goal Configuration

We’ll work with you to get a good understanding of what you should be measuring and what data you should be collecting.

We’ll support you in customising the reporting views, setup filters and configure any necessary exclusions to ensure you’re getting the most accurate picture of your website’s performance.

We’ll talk you through your monthly reports and interpret the data for you, advising on the next steps to take to improve performance and increase conversion rates.

Audience Strategy

Google Ads Integration and Audience Set Up

One of the benefits of using Google Analytics as your website reporting tool is its integration with Google Ads. It gives you the flexibility to view your Google Ads campaign performance directly in Google Analytics and measure it against organic and social website traffic and conversions.

We’ll help you interpret how the different channels and user segments are interacting with your website and help you integrate Adwords and Analytics for easy reporting.

3rd party integration

Google Analytics and Third Party Integrations

Google Analytics can link with third party data tools, such as live chat services, call tracking providers and marketing platforms, allowing you to have all your website reporting in one convenient place.

We’ll help you understand which data you should be measuring in Google Analytics and will work with you to ensure it is fully integrated with other external platforms you are using.

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