Youtube Advertising Services

Video and display advertising on the world’s largest video platform

With over 1.5 billion users each month, YouTube offers businesses a huge opportunity to build brand awareness, attract leads, and generate sales.

Like other sites within the Google ecosystem, YouTube has become a very powerful platform for advertisers. Users can be targeted based on age and gender, interests and purchase intent, as well as the type of content they are viewing across a range of video formats and ad types.

Video advertising on YouTube is great for building brand awareness, but it is increasingly proving that it can drive action too. We create campaigns specific to your business objectives to help your brand take advantage of the growing audiences found on the platform.

Youtube Advertising Campaigns

With a variety of targeting and ad format options available, a YouTube advertising campaign will put your message in front of those you want to reach.

Using the right combination of brilliant creative, clear messaging, a compelling offer and a high converting landing page, YouTube not only helps to raise awareness of your brand, it also drives leads and sales too.

Our team of YouTube Advertising experts have extensive experience creating and managing effective YouTube campaigns across a wide range of industries, making us well placed to make recommendations for your business on targeting, setup, creative and reporting.

Trueview Video Campaigns

Trueview Video Ads

When you watch content on YouTube, you’ll often see an ad displayed before or during the content. This is called YouTube TrueView Advertising. You only pay for the video ad once it runs for 30 seconds or has completed, whichever comes sooner. If the user decides to skip, you don’t get charged, so you only pay for those meaningful interactions.

We setup and manage TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display ads; embedding them in appropriate videos to promote your products & services so they are seen by the audience you want to attract.

Bumper Ads

Youtube Bumper Ads

Short, sharp and powerful, YouTube’s Bumper ads are a great way to build on brand awareness campaigns or retarget users in a cost-effective way. The 6 second, unskippable ad format means viewers have no choice but to watch the ad.

Since these non-skippable ads only run a few short seconds, compelling creative is essential to engage your audience in a short timeframe.

Bumper ads can run as standalone ad campaigns, but Google recommends airing them in with TrueView Ads to achieve the best ad recall and engagement.

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Best Practice Youtube Creative

To truly stand out on YouTube, you need the best creative. We create highly visual and engaging creative that surprise and engage your audience and keep their attention.

With our vast experience creating and managing video ad campaigns, we know what works and can guide you on the best practices to ensure your message gets noticed and is remembered.

Reporting & Analytics

Youtube Reporting

Ad reporting and measurement is key to improving performance and understanding ROI. We help you understand whether you’re hitting your goals by tracking a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) across awareness, consideration, and action.

Our reporting is delivered in a clear and concise way so you are kept fully up to date with progress at every stage of the campaign.

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