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Remarketing allows you to maximise your chance of conversion by targeting specific audiences who have already expressed an interest in your product or service, at a relatively low cost.

At Broadplace, we excel in creating results-driven multi-platform remarketing campaigns. The key to success is creating personalised messages to those who have already interacted with your website or brand, and encourage them back to your website to complete their purchase or enquiry.  

Remarketing is an important part of the sales funnel. It increases brand exposure at the most critical time, reaching potential customers whilst they are considering the products and services of both your business and your competitors.  

Whether it’s PPC Remarketing on Google Ads or Facebook, we can help generate qualified leads and reduce the cost per conversion through our highly targeted remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing on Google Ads and Facebook

The success of PPC Remarketing is dependent on four key elements: strategy, data, targeting and creative. At Broadplace, we know the ins and outs of dynamic remarketing techniques.

We help you to identify the key user groups, for example those who have reached a checkout page but not made a purchase or previous customers, and ensure you have the data capture and tracking process along with the relevant creatives to engage effectively with these audiences.

We’ll set up the PPC Retargeting campaigns in both Google and Facebook, aligned to your strategy and audiences and monitor and optimise the campaigns on your behalf. 

Regardless of your audience or objective, we have a remarketing solution to fit your business.

Display Retargeting

Display Remarketing

Display remarketing helps you promote your business across the web using Google’s Display Network (GDN). Unlike search adverts, display adverts appear on actual websites rather than in search results. Using a careful choice of messaging and creatives, along with clear audience targeting, we can expose your brand to large numbers of potentially relevant audiences.

With over 2 million sites within the Google Display Network, we seek out the placements which result in the best engagement and conversions for your business.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting is a very powerful marketing tool, especially for E-commerce businesses. Using a product feed, personalised ads are shown to users promoting the products they were looking at on their last visit to your website. 

Conversion rates for dynamic retargeting ads often generate better results than other digital marketing channels due to their personalised nature. Using our expertise with data and product feeds, we can turn your abandoned basket users into loyal customers.


Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads or RLSA allows advertisers to create an audience based on their actions on your website and then either target them with specific ad copy or exclude them.

A user who has already been to your website and engaged with your products/services is likely to be closer to the conversion point and thus, more valuable.

Using positive bid adjustments, we’re able to personalise the experience for different users, aligned with their interests and behaviour, helping improve click through rate and overall conversions.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting involves promoting your products and services to Facebook and Instagram users who have previously visited your website.

They open up significant advertising potential, giving businesses the chance to target warmer prospects at the consideration stage of the customer journey.

Using remarketing we are able to adjust our strategy based on how people interact with your website and services, from serving different ad copy, to targeting an audience segment more specifically using Facebook’s dynamic ads format.


Reporting and Insights

Analytics can tell you exactly where your customers have come from. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Google. It can even tell you which campaign, advert, or Facebook post generated the most revenue or leads for you.

We build comprehensive reporting dashboards to help you understand the campaign performance, providing valuable and actionable insight to help optimise future performance.

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Best company in my experience for PPC management

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Best company in my experience for PPC management

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