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Broadplace has worked with Analytics-365 since September 2021 to support them with developing and delivering an SEO strategy for their recently launched SaaS platform for collaboration analytics.


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The challenge

As a brand-new site and product that had only been in existence for a couple of months, we were tasked with establishing an SEO strategy that would develop brand awareness, traffic and leads whilst helping them to better understand the market and their customer’s pain points

The Broadplace approach

With a relatively low user base, we didn’t have the same level of information to work off as an established brand, meaning that we went into building the strategy knowing that we’d have to start with a lot of market research and that over time the content strategy will need to be refined.

We broke down the development of the strategy into three chunks:

  1. Audience & market research
  2. Landing page strategy
  3. Content strategy

For the audience and market research, the big question was “What do we have?” and “What don’t we have?”.

We had a rough idea of client profiles, an understanding of the features the product had, a list of competitors and some PPC activity that had started to run.

So we set about doing 4 key tasks:

  • Creating a ‘Jobs To Be Done’ framework to identify the key tasks that their client profiles do
  • Competitor analysis and research
  • Based on the above two tasks, we then conducted Keyword Research
  • Fed the PPC keyword data into the Keyword Research process as those campaigns started to mature

From this, we were able to use this data to start developing a landing page strategy as well as the building blocks of a blog strategy.

We developed a list of landing pages to create for them that targeted terms around their key features, solutions and key customer personas. We then worked with them to develop the wireframes, messaging and content for each landing page.

From the audience and market research conducted, we decided that the starting point of the content strategy would be the blog for a couple of reasons:

It’s the easiest to realise quickly.
It gives us the greatest feedback in terms of what people are searching for and what resonates with them, which we can then use to evolve the strategy later down the line.

For the blog strategy, we developed 4 key content areas that we would target. Within each of those content areas were subtopics and formats that we were going to use to target those terms.

We then set about the production process, baking in reviews of the strategy to refine it as we had more data to work with.

The results

Over the course of the project being live, we saw a big increase in traffic, impressions and leads. We saw a 2064% increase in clicks and impressions increased by 8925%. As the traffic and impressions started to increase, we started to see an increase in leads.

About the Client

Analytics-365 is a new platform launched by Tollring, a software development company that focuses on data visualisation and business intelligence tools. The platform allows businesses to get a granular view of how they collaborate over Microsoft Teams with features like call analytics, chat analytics and reporting on everything from engagement to usage.


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Services rendered

  • Landing Page Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • UX & UI Support
  • SEO Consultancy

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