Case Study:

Closs & Hamblin

Closs & Hamblin

Closs & Hamblin have utilised Google Shopping to find new customers for their online store.

Discover how working on optimising their product feed helped improved C&H’s online revenue by over 100%.


Increase in Revenue
directly through Google Ads.


Increase in Conversion Rate
helping to generate new sales


Increase in sessions
using the success of the campaign to target additional traffic.

The challenge

Closs & Hamblin wanted to grow their online sales channels year on year and scale their business. They need to do this profitably, so return on ad spend (ROAS) also needed to be consistent.

The goal was to engage a new customer base and increase Closs & Hamblin’s online presence, as well drive interest for their historic bricks and mortar presence which had long been established since the 1930s.

The Broadplace approach

Broadplace created smart campaigns that leveraged 1000’s of products in the shopping feed. New smart campaigns were created with high ROAS products, focussing on products that had high search volumes across Google Trends, high average order values, and high purchase intent.

One of the big barriers to growth in the past had been the shopping feed, which required significant optimisation in order to ensure C&H were able to target the most relevant traffic..Optimising the feed included creating rules to improve the product category depth, Google product categorisation, and product titles and description depth. This made the feed more crawlable by Google, which helped increase clicks, impressions and conversions.

Sale days were supported with promotion codes showing in the feed, and across different product categories to maximise conversions. Countdown ads were also added to create urgency to help improve the conversion rate.

Seasonal adjustments were made where we anticipated changes in conversion rate. These adjustments helped support performance across Search, Display & Shopping.

The results


The new smart campaign supplemented the existing smart campaign leading to 105% increase in revenue. The increase in revenue across key product inventory helped to hit the target goal ROAS and maintain the high average order value.

The feed improvements and the newly targeted smart campaigns meant the campaigns were able to scale – seeing a 123% increase in investment, 120% increase in sessions whilst maintaining the target goal ROAS. During this time these campaigns helped support the business transition revenue streams to Home & Craftware products.

The seasonal adjustments and promotions supported across Search, Display & Shopping lead to a 81% increase in conversion rate and a 297% increase in conversions.

About the Client

Founded in the 1930’s, Closs & Hamblin is a traditional haberdashery with 6 stores located in the south of England. They specialise in made-to-measure curtains, furnishing fabrics, blinds and textiles. C&H introduced their online business to support their traditional business and made-to-measure services.


E-commerce / Online Retail / Retail – Home and Haberdashery

Services rendered

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display – Remarketing
  • Product Feed Optimisation

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Broadplace are a friendly team, always happy to help us. They are experts in their digital field and I would highly recommend them.

Emma Garrard
Closs & Hamblin

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