Technical SEO Services

Making sure that the people nearby can find your business 

You can have the best content and links, but if there are technical issues that are preventing your website from being crawled, indexed or rendered then you won’t rank well.

Technical SEO is the process of making sure Google can find, see and index your site. Our SEO experts use a detailed framework to help pinpoint any current issues with the above. They then help guide you through the process of fixing them. Making sure that your site is built on solid SEO foundations.

Our Technical SEO Services

Our Technical SEO team have worked on hundreds of websites, successfully solving technical issues, clearing up Google Search Console errors and improving the page load times. 

We provide smart solutions to technical challenges including:

Website Migration

Site Replatform / Migrations

We all know the risks with a replatform or migration. You launch and then suddenly you start to see your organic visibility plummet. Having managed many large scale site migrations and replatforms, we have a battle-tested framework that minimised risk and protects SEO.

JavaScript SEO

Javascript SEO

JavaScript is a programming language used to make webpages dynamic and interactive. More and more websites are adopting Javascript in some form so it’s important to understand the SEO implications behind using it.

We use advanced developer tools to understand how Google interacts with Javascript and the impact of that on SEO performance. 

Structure and Setup

Optimising Internal Architecture

If the structure of your site isn’t logical to users and Google then you’ll struggle to perform in search.

We audit the existing site structure and refine it so that there is a clear user journey and relevant pages link to each other and pass authority around the site. 

Once we’re done the site has a clear hierarchy, better UX and platform to achieve better rankings.

Page Speed Optimisation

Site Speed Audit

Site speed isn’t just a ranking factor, it has a massive impact on the user experience and conversions. This is particularly important for mobile users, where internet connections are typically slower.

We provide detailed site speed audits that highlight the issues that are slowing your load time down and make practical recommendations to improve them.

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We always see consistent improvements as campaigns develop and mature. Year-on-year performance improvements ensure we are exceptionally happy with Broadplace. I would have no hesitation in referring Ajay and his team to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient PPC & SEO solution.

Keith Jackman

We have been using Broadplace for many of years now and they have been great throughout the process. Michal at Broadplace is amazing not only does he handle our search and PPC he also helps out with other queries without questioning it at all. Amazon work all keep up the good customer service.

Richard Hobbs
Margin Services

Broadplace have been our key partners for all things digital marketing for a number of years now, and continue to deliver results. Our business has grown significantly whilst working with them, in no short part to understanding our needs and approach. Since day one they've acted more like an extension of our Digital team, rather than just external partners, and have always provided us with a top class service.

Alex Beard
The Works

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