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Confidental Surbiton

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Broadplace began working with Confidental’s Surbiton Clinic to provide a performance-focused SEO solution. We were tasked with helping to increase organic traffic, reducing their reliance on paid traffic and increasing organic leads generated by their site.


Increase in traffic YoY


Increase in organic leads

The challenge

Confidental tasked us with developing a strategy that would drive organic traffic & reduce the dependency on paid search. Confidental already had a small amount of visibility for search terms around dentistry, but they were too reliant on brand terms.

The site was also receiving traffic from conflicting locations. This led to a higher bounce rate & a lower conversion rate. The goal of our SEO strategy was to:


  • Diversify the site’s keyword portfolio to increase organic traffic.
  • Improve geo-targeting to ensure acquired traffic was relevant.
  • Increase the site’s topical authority on key treatments.

The Broadplace approach

Our strategy for Confidental had two phases:

  • Improve the performance for localised searches
  • Increase the sites topical authority and keyword portfolio

As part of our initial review, we quickly identified that they were underperforming for {service} + {location} and {treatment} + {location} terms because the landing pages weren’t set up to target local searched.

To tackle this we:

  • Reviewed all the titles, descriptions and H1’s
  • Reviewed and updated the page templates
  • Updated the content

After tackling the site’s targeting, we focused on creating a content strategy that would increase the topical authority of the site.

We did this by:

  • Taking the most important treatments
  • Researching the fundamental questions people had around each
  • Creating a cluster of posts around that treatment
  • Internally linking between those post

By producing this type of content, we would not only be helping to reduce the site’s dependence on branded search terms but also improve the topical authority of the site on each specific treatment.

The results

When comparing Q1 year on year, our strategy delivered real results for Confidental Surbiton.

We saw:

  • A 44% increase in clicks
  • A 68% increase in leads
  • Bounce rate dropping by 11%
  • A 20% increase in the number of unique keywords


About the Client

Confidental Surbiton is a dental clinic based in Surbiton, Surrey. They offer a wide range of dental treatments from General Dentistry such as Dental Hygiene, Fillings, and Crowns to Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants


Dentistry / Healthcare

Services rendered

  • Landing Page Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy

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