PPC Call Tracking

Providing the insight on where your call leads are coming from to help you make better decisions on your digital campaigns

PPC Call Tracking allows you to measure how many phone calls have been triggered by paid search advertisements, giving you true ROI and performance calculation.

It also allows you to discover which keywords and ads are most profitable by tracking the calls that they trigger.

There are other benefits too. Using the playback feature, you can record and listen back to calls for training and monitoring purposes.

Our PPC call tracking solution is cost effective and easy to set-up, and is essential if you’re looking to achieve a more complete picture of which PPC ads are driving customers to pick up the phone.

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How Call Tracking Works

In partnership with Ruler Analytics, a Google Premier Partner who specialise in marketing attribution, we are able to implement a PPC call tracking solution on your behalf.

When someone makes a phone call from your Ads, Ruler Analytics sends the conversion data to Google AdWords, helping you to measure ROI and more accurately report the success of your PPC campaigns.

We assist with the setup and management of your call tracking, and you can customise your tracking services to include any of the following to suit your requirements:


Campaign & Keyword Call Reporting

Track your phone calls back to the marketing campaign and keyword that generated them, be it PPC, SEO or any other channel so you can effectively and accurately measure performance.

Reporting & Analytics

Call Tracking Google Analytics Integration

Integrate this data with Google Analytics and add phone calls as Goals so you can track enquiries and conversions against other metrics within Google Analytics.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion Call Tracking

Assign a unique number for each new website visitor, allowing you to identify individual traffic sources and the complete user journey from enquiry to conversion.

Offline Tracking

Static & Offline Call Tracking

Track phone calls generated from offline campaigns such as print and outdoor advertising, or from static campaigns such as email using dedicated tracking numbers – and benchmark these campaigns against your other digital marketing activity.

Call Playback

Call Recording and Playback

Record incoming calls to help qualify leads and improve customer service. Using the playback feature you can monitor brand and script adherence and provide feedback and training.


Marketing Attribution

Track each user’s visit and touch points across your website and marketing channels to understand their full conversion path, and understand which channels are generating the most ROI.

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