Product Feed Audit

Identify any issues with your data feed and get them fixed so your product feed ads can excel.

Google Shopping campaigns rely on an accurate and complete product data feed to make it easy for your customers to find your products within Google.

Using real time analytics and optimisation tools, we’re able to uncover blocks in performance and help clients increase their sales through an accurate and fully optimised product feed.

From product titles, descriptions and categories, through to attributes such as size, gender, colour and materials, our comprehensive audits check for duplicated or missing items, and provide deep insight into how each of your products are performing across the various shopping channels.

Our Product Feed Audit is free and could uncover invaluable information that will help you drive more traffic and sales to your ecommerce store.

Audit Your Product Feed

Our Product Feed Audits are free and help to identify what’s working well and what areas you need to improve. We can then implement any changes using an optimisation tool, Shoptimised which integrates directly with Google, Bing and Facebook shopping campaigns easily and quickly without the need for a developer.

Duplicate Items

Duplicate Titles and Descriptions

Duplicate information in product feeds can present huge problems for Google (and customers) being able to index and differentiate between various products, affecting your product visibility within search engines.

Adding simple information such as size or colour to the title and description can help index your products correctly so they are matched to the right search term.

Manually trying to find and fix duplicated data can be time-consuming and frustrating. We use an industry-leading feed management software that not only organises your listings, it uncovers and fixes any duplications in order to positively influence your ranking in Google Shopping.

Missing Attributes

Missing Attributes

If product attribute information such as size, colour and material is missing, it can make it difficult for customers to filter and find your products on Google Shopping. Our Product Feed audit will highlight any missing product attributes to give your products greater exposure in search engines.
Product Categories

Product Categories

When it comes to optimising your Google Shopping campaign, assigning your listings to the appropriate category play an important role in how campaigns actually perform.

We delve deep into Google’s product categories, making sure they are as precise as possible in order to increase engagement and conversions.


Product Feed Optimisation

Your product feed is the key to Google Shopping success, so it deserves careful attention and expertise. Not only does it influence those products related to the specific search query, it will also attract even more traffic and conversions by displaying ads related to the searcher’s needs and product preferences.

Using an industry-leading product feed software, Shoptimised, we can quickly spot areas of improvement, missing or duplicated information, as well as test and adapt the feed content to match the interests of your customers.

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