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Steff Jewellery

Steff Jewellery

Broadplace’s SEO team has worked with Steff since November 2020 to provide a performance-focused SEO solution.

We were tasked with helping Steff improve their presence in Organic Search, increase traffic and boost sales for their e-commerce site.



Increase in Traffic
from Organic Search.


Increase in Impressions
from Organic Search


Improvement in Bounce Rate
across all web channels

The challenge

Steff tasked Broadplace with coming up with a strategy that would drive organic traffic & reduce the dependency on paid search. Whilst Steff already had a small amount of visibility for key search terms within the jewellery sector our goal was to increase that visibility further whilst making sure they had the key landing pages needed to be competitive in the long term.

The Broadplace approach

The first step in our approach was making sure that they have the right landing pages to support their product. By completing a comprehensive page gap audit we were able to highlight a number of pages that should be created. These missing pages were a mixture of category & subcategory landing pages for different jewellery variations. In total, we added 27 new landing pages to the Steff site, which helped us to grow impressions by 21% YOY.

Once we had a clear site structure and the page gaps had been addressed, we focused on bolstering topic authority for product category pages & optimising the content on these pages. This process included; amending page titles, creating a faceted navigation system & the addition of targeted copy blocks.

The results

Within a few months, we were able to deliver real results for Steff with a 21% increase in impressions YOY & a 73% increase in organic traffic. This is mirrored with an increase in average position with the site moving from 43.6 last year to 39.8.

These changes are just the start with future plans to overhaul their content marketing strategy as well as starting the off-site activity.

About the Client

Steff is the result of a creative collaboration between Steff Suter, owner of award-winning jewellers Steffans and his partner, jewellery designer Julles London. They have a strong online & offline presence with Steff jewellery being sold exclusively through Steffans stores in Northampton, Market Harborough and online at and


E-commerce / Online Retail / Retail – Jewellery

Services rendered

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Paid Social – Facebook
  • Product Feed Optimisation
  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

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