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 (PPC) Services

You might be new to online advertising, or doing it in-house but looking to expand your business with expert help. You may be looking to change agencies and seeking a top agency with a proven track record of helping companies like yours. Whichever category you fall under, Broadplace has experience in successfully managing campaigns and delivering top results.

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We know there are other agencies out there, so what makes Broadplace different?

And more importantly why should you choose us as your PPC agency?

So What Are The Benefits Of PPC?

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See Immediate Results

SEO and social media take time to work and it could be a few months before you get the desired traffic using only these methods. PPC will also help you see whether or not your site as it currently is will convert visitors to customers, helping you identify things that you need to change.

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Retain business

Put your business in front of customers throughout their lifecycle, with remarketing, from the first time they consider you, to bringing them back for more.

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Get more conversions

If you are selling an item online or you have a form to be filled out to generate leads with, then you have a very precise goal you want to meet. Because of the way PPC is measured and tracked, we can tell you which campaigns convert best, so you can focus on them.

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Only Pay for What You Get

You only pay when someone clicks on your advert. With the right ad you’ve got an interested, targeted potential customer. You can set your budget to your needs, pause whenever you like and up the budget during peak times to get a competitive advantage over your rivals.

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If you’re selling well in the UK and looking to expand your business overseas, we can help take you abroad into untapped markets. With the Google Translate API, the ability to display multiple currencies, with live exchange rates, local knowledge and more… Your global expansion is just a few clicks away.

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Because PPC is built for targeting, you get more for your money than with more traditional forms of advertising. TV and print advertising focuses on getting you the most impressions. PPC looks at targeting specific people and following their progress through to purchase - measuring results in detail. It can be tweaked in real-time - if you need to pause a campaign or push more on another, we can do that for you.



There’s a reason why our PPC Account Managers have so many Google qualifications to their name, and why they are continually adding to those certificates. PPC is an ever-changing beast. Google AdWords and its various services can be complex to manage and it takes an expert to choose which ones to use for certain products/industries. Wouldn’t your time be better spent on your business?


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Free weekly/monthly reporting

Free regular reports from our CampaignHub platform sent directly to your inbox each week to give you a simple yet insightful summary of how your account has performed.

Bespoke reporting

Weekly and monthly reporting sent directly from your dedicated account manager with the key metrics on your campaign performance that matter to you


Google qualified account manager

Email support

Phone support

Face to face meetings onsite

Quarterly business reviews


Free Optimisation tips

With your free report our platform will also give you useful optimisation tips which could improve the performance of your campaigns

Weekly optimisation to improve performance

Daily and weekly optimisation

Daily optimisation

Bespoke technology implementation


A free service allowing you to experience our reporting and insights from our technology platform

A simple automated managed service for accounts with budgets of up to £750 per month

A fully managed service for accounts with monthly budgets of £750 to £4,000 per month

Our premium fully managed service for key customers with budgets over £4,000 per month


Take a look at the different options that are available through online advertising and if you get stuck on anything, you can always use our

‘Jargon Buster’ to see what some of the terms mean (in plain English).

Above all, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to have a chat with one of our trained PPC experts to see what would work best for YOUR business.

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