Pause Ad Campaigns at Christmas

Are you thinking it’s better to Pause Ad Campaigns at Christmas? It’s tempting to wind down for the Christmas period. The office Christmas party, more lunchtime drinks – it all makes us feel like we should be putting everything on pause. We get it. But while pausing your ad campaigns might have short term gains (a few savings) this is a false economy… find out why:

Ad Rank

That elusive and mysterious method by which Google decides where and how often your ads are shown to customers… The score is determined by a few things, including quality scores, bids, use of extensions and also the length of time you’ve had an active campaign with Google.
Pausing your campaign damages your ad rank. It removes you from auctions and automatically gives your competitors a boost up the ladder. So when you reactivate your campaign you are at an immediate disadvantage having to fight harder to regain your position. Simply put, this costs money.


If you keep advertising while competitors pause their campaign, bidding on keywords gets cheaper, competition is reduced.

REMEMBER! You only pay the amount for a click as the highest bid on the position below you

Pause Ad Campaigns at Christmas

Trafffic Volume Increases

Think about what you do over the Christmas period… a sneaky search for next year’s holiday? Looking for office supplies while work is quiet in the countdown to Christmas Eve? Planning events, home improvements, weddings, , marketing plans… The list is endless.  Make sure you’re there.

Predicted traffic volumes
Black Friday – 190-200 million
Cyber Monday – 170-185 million
Manic Monday – 150-157 million
Christmas Day – 150-155 million
Boxing Day – 170 – 190 million
New Year’s Day – 130-137 million


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Spending Increases

With Christmas bonuses, cheques and vouchers, people are looking to spend money. Not just on gifts, but on themselves too. Just think about the opportunities that social gatherings, family treats, outings bring with them for many different industries. If you pause ad campaigns at christmas, you’re going to miss out on this extra opportunities.

40% of us are expected to over budget this Christmas by at least £70


New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year that people are looking to the future. They’re planning, they’re researching and looking for answers. This an example of what Google calls ‘micro-moments’. And they’re exactly when you need to be in front of your customers.

Trades and Services

Many service clients assume they should wind down over the festive period. This couldn’t be further from the truth. You can remain competitive over the Christmas period even if you’re taking time off – make sure that you clearly inform customers when you are or aren’t working and you’ll already have an edge over many rival companies. Switch off call extensions active and for times that you are not working, or make sure you have a voicemail set up to get customers to leave a message – let them know when you’ll get back to them. Convert those calls!
Emergency tradesmen are in short supply at this time of year. If you’re planning on working, advertise this. Bid high to ensure customers call you first. You’ll get more exposure than those not working and will be the first port of call next time an emergency happens.

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