Over the past 15 years we have stood true to our values and delivered on our mission to help grow our clients’ businesses. Along the journey we have invested in our people as much as our technology. We have had a huge amount of fun and had a positive impact on our people and the partners we have worked with. We have grown so much yet we have so much more to do. We want to build on the success we have enjoyed with everyone that has been connected to Broadplace.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with two highly creative brands, Gladstone Design and Pad Creative. Gladstone Design looked at our original logo and helped us pinpoint what it meant to us and what our core values were. We’re commonly referred to as ‘BP’ or ‘team BP’ and you’ll notice that in our revised logo, those letters are still there, overlapping, to represent our passion for collaboration. Our original logo also had speech bubbles which were illustrative of ‘transparency’ and the open lines of communication we keep between us and our customers, you can see those ‘bubbles’ are still very much a key part of our brand. ‘Digital success simplified’ is our new strapline, which reflects our commitment to helping you achieve your goals online, via whichever platform suits your business. Pad Creative have worked hard to create a website in this new branding, which focuses on our two core strengths – our technology and our people. You’ll notice that our new website is a lot easier to navigate and clearly sets out the breadth of digital marketing products, which now fall under our brand. We hope you’ll also enjoy taking a look around our updated news section, our blog and ‘events’, where you can register for upcoming webinars and workshops.

Our updated branding represents where we are now, how we have evolved and also sets us up with a clear direction and focus moving forward. We have called this update the Broadplace way but it’s much more than just a slick logo. The Broadplace way encompasses our mission, our values, our culture, the way we work and our identity.

It’s part of ‘The Broadplace way’ to look at your marketing from a holistic perspective. That’s why, we’ll often work across more than one platform to ensure you’re making a good return on your investment. We started out as a Google Partner, but our company has developed so much since then. Today, we’re proud to be: a Google Premier Partner, a Microsoft Elite Channel Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner. Not only are we experts in paid search, we underpin this with a superior knowledge of search engine optimisation, as well as paid social advertising.

Our Services - New Broadplace

What do our certifications mean? They mean we’ve been reviewed by each of the major advertising channels and certified for our excellence in helping advertisers reach their goals. To retain those certifications, we are constantly assessed and must demonstrate best-in-class campaign structure and reporting methods for our clients. ‘Expertise’ is a core value at Broadplace and it’s apparent in everything we do.

Last but not least, Broadplace operates on a three part mission that aims to deliver success for everyone connected to our business: partners, team and community.New Broadplace - Mission

  • Our team mission is to create a culture and work environment that cares, nurtures expertise, is fun, inclusive and rewarding for all.
  • Our service mission is to deliver digital success for our partners through best-in-class services.
  • Our social mission is to make the world a better place, by using Broadplace in innovative ways.

It’s ‘The Broadplace way’ to be accountable for, be positive about and and give 110% to everything we do and we hope you’ll trust us to achieve digital success for you.

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