Have you heard about the new Google Analytics?

This week, it was announced that Google were bringing out a refreshed version of their unique reporting platform. As performance marketers, we were keen to understand how the updates would improve the depth of our reporting. Ready for an overview?

With machine learning at it’s core, the new Google Analytics will provide:

Smart insights to improve your marketing decisions and deliver better ROI

  1. Receive automatic alerts for significant trends in your data. If a product is seeing rising demand because of new customer needs, we’ll be sure to know about it!
  2. Churn probability – allowing you to invest more efficiently in retaining customers when your budget is under pressure.
  3. Expect new predictive metrics, such as potential revenue from a group of customers.


A more wholesome understanding of how customers are interacting with your business

  1. Instead of measuring users by device or platform, the new Google Analytics will show you how customers found your business initially and how their journey changed.
  2. Learn more about the customer’s entire lifecycle – from acquisition, to conversion and retention.
  3. Use the new Google Analytics to see what channels are driving customers. Start with the user acquisition report and then use engagement and retention reports to see whether they converted.

Customers are already seeing the benefits, Jeff Kacmarek, Vice President of Domino’s Pizza of Canada, found that “linking the new Google Analytics to Google Ads enables us to optimise around the actions that matter most to our customers, regardless of how they interact with our brand.”

This platform is incredibly smart and it’s built for the long term. The new GA won’t be reliant on cookies or identifiers and in future, we can expect it to fill gaps in data.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on opportunities that the new GA brings and we look forward to sharing the benefits with you!

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