Recently the whole Broadplace team took part in an away day where we were assigned colours… These show the way we work and how we interact with others. The day was  hosted by The Colour Works, who a few people within the company had worked with before.
Before we went along we all answered a series of questions about ourselves, our choices and the way we react in certain situations.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a personal development tool that lights the way in everything we do because it starts the journey, as it should, with you. Using an accessible, memorable colour system, it gives individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. It creates an awareness that acts as the launchpad for improved personal effectiveness, team performance and workplace culture.


The idea is that people can be roughly placed into four different colours or ‘typical behaviours’. Where would you see yourself on this…?

We took part in a number of team and personal exercises and discovered a lot about ourselves and each other. One of the first things we had to do was choose a bunch of cards that best described us personally, and then give away the cards that didn’t describe us to other colleagues. It was a lot harder than it sounds!

Insights Cards

It sounds rather simplified when you look at the key colours – but in fact, as with anything, there are lots of nuances. So on the full wheel there are 150+ different positions that you could fall into. We had a couple of instances where two people landed in the same place on the wheel.

But we know what you want to know…. how did we fare? What does our team look like? Well, overall we came out as mostly blues and reds – analytic leaders perhaps? But when taken with our secondary colours, we see a lovely mix of colour that we believe best suits our industry and our clients.

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