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How To Create A Mobile App Engagement Campaign

by Greg Prouse, Account Manager, Broadplace
“Mobile app engagement” campaigns are a great choice for advertisers focused on connecting with people who already have their app. These ads can:
  • Encourage users to try your app again
  • Remind someone to open your app and take a specific action
  • Help people to complete an activity that they’ve already started
  • Increase how often people use your app
  • Recommend someone try specific features or levels
Firstly what you will want to do is go to your clients account and do the following:
Click on the Shared Library under Audiences click view then the remarketing List (red button). You will then see:
New remarketing list
Enter a remarketing list name, select the mobile apps option. Next is the add to your list drop down options which will include the following:
All Users
This is where you can segment by behaviour of your remarketing lists audience. Then simply click Save!
Select an App and then the Mobile Platform either Google Play or the Apple App Store: Please note you must own the app in order to do this so this.
Find Your App
Once this is all done, click save!
Part 2:
Another way to reach a targeted audience is through placements.
This can either be done through mobile app categories or Search all apps. Always select Target and Bid afterwards.
Placements 2
The other options is Search All Apps:
So lets say you want to target people who require a taxi you can do so through their app. This is a great way to reach a large audience that utlises taxis on a regular basis as they already use a related app. You can select whichever companies apps that have opted into the mobile apps feature.
Apps are amazing. But building a great app and getting that app discovered is only the first half of your journey. To get users regularly engaging with that app is what’s needed to take you the rest of the way.Ads on search and display can help. They can build awareness with your target users, get them to reopen and use your app and of course — get them to tell others about it. That’s the way to send your app flying through the treetops, and beyond.
I hope you found this blog post and if you have got this far thanks for reading.
Main image photo credit: <a href=”″>How a toddler deals with a crashed app</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=”httpss://”>(license)</a>
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