Gmail advertising techniques to increase campaign success

Gmail advertising is a very useful tool for promoting your business online. The benefits of these ads are that they appear as a regular email service and are not intrusive to users.
In 2015, Google integrated the ads with the Google AdWords toolbox, making them available to all in order to reach 1 billion monthly active Gmail users. The service allows you to measure reach, click through rate, open rate, forwards, saves and a whole lot more. The ad will appear as a teaser in the user’s inbox to a targeted market group to maximise potential interest.

By following a few of our top tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your Gmail ads.

Gmail advertising top tips

Increase CTR and Quality Score
Even though you can’t see the Quality Score in Gmail, it still exists! Look at the Cost Per Click vs Click Through Rate for a campaign to determine its success. A higher CTR equals a much lower CPC, and a lower CTR equals a much higher CPC. Maximise your open rates, as improving the Quality Score will reward you massively. Use eye-catching subject lines to draw your audience in.
Use emojis
Emojis can increase open rates, as they grab people’s attention, especially on mobile phones. They can potentially increase open rates by around 30%, so it is a strategy well worth implementing. Make them relevant to your content.
Utilise existing email marketing data
Use data from your previous campaigns or marketing strategies to determine why they were successful and work on any improvements. Look at the performance report and open rate data.
Look into deep click analytics
You also need to see what people do after they open the ad. Enable and monitor metrics such as saves, clicks and forwards to track the success of your Gmail advertising campaigns. There are different ad format templates to choose from. Multi-product templates may increase clicks, as people will be more likely to find something they are interested in looking at further.
Monitor your competition
Use your competitor’s domain names to target their own customers. It allows you to target ads that show when a Gmail user receives an email from a competitor business. This enables you to determine in advance whether the audience is interested in your product or service.
You can also target consumers already looking for a product or service that you offer. These are more ready and willing to make a purchase. This is based on following activity and the type of emails previously sent to them.
Target similar audiences by using a customer match list alongside the Similar Audience feature. Simply upload a list of current customers into an Adwords promotion and individuals with similar online behaviours will be located. Gmail advertising can become a useful and effective tool alongside other online marketing strategies for your business.
Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time online, particularly on their phones and looking at their inboxes. The biggest challenge is targeting the right audience, so you should focus on achieving this successfully. By mastering Gmail advertising techniques, you can create a successful marketing campaign to reach your desired audience and boost sales.

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