On the sunny afternoon of 20th June, our team at Broadplace had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF). This experience allowed us to enjoy the outdoors while contributing to vital conservation efforts on a stunning 20-acre site teeming with wildlife.

Our primary task was to weed between the whips – young trees that require nurturing to grow strong and healthy. The knowledgeable staff at WAF provided a comprehensive briefing and taught us the best techniques for weeding around the whips. 

As we worked, we saw the immediate impact of our efforts. Removing invasive weeds allowed the whips to access more nutrients, significantly improving their chances of survival and growth. It was rewarding to see the transformation of the area, knowing our efforts would have a lasting positive impact on the local ecosystem.

This session is just one example of our ongoing support for the Wildlife Aid Foundation. Last year, we participated in a tree-planting event at their site. Additionally, each of our employees at Broadplace has adopted a badger through WAF, providing ongoing support to this wonderful organization.

Volunteering with WAF has reinforced our commitment to environmental stewardship. We are proud to support the Wildlife Aid Foundation in their mission to protect and preserve wildlife. We look forward to more opportunities to contribute and encourage everyone to get involved.

Thank you, Wildlife Aid Foundation, for the invaluable work you do and for allowing us to be part of your journey!

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