SURREY, UK — December 4, 2023 — Broadplace proudly announces its commitment to prioritising mental health in the workplace by signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment. This pledge underscores Broadplace’s acknowledgment of the vital importance of promoting and supporting the mental health of its entire team.

The Mental Health at Work Commitment, a framework developed in collaboration with mental health charities, leading employers, and trade organisations, sets forth six standards that best practices have shown to be crucial in creating a work environment where employees can thrive.

Anita Pecsi, People and Development Manager at Broadplace, expressed the company’s pride in taking this crucial step, stating, “The Mental Health at Work Commitment provides a framework of six standards, based on what best practice has shown is needed to create an environment where employees can thrive. We are excited to join a growing movement of over 3000 like-minded businesses, and organisations across the UK that share a passion for supporting the health and happiness of their colleagues.”

In addition to Anita’s statement, our Managing Director, Ajay Syal, emphasised the significance of this commitment, saying: “As leaders in the performance marketing industry, we understand the importance of a healthy and supportive workplace. The mental health and well-being of our team at Broadplace are paramount. By signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering an environment where every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive both personally and professionally.”

Broadplace’s comprehensive Wellbeing Strategy, incorporates all the standards outlined in the framework. The Strategy includes initiatives such as the Mental Health First Aider Training, Wellbeing Calendar of Events, Wellbeing Newsletter, Hero of the Quarter Scheme, Work Passport Policy, Learning and Development Fund, Free Snacks and Team Lunch Allowance, Social Events, Health and Wellbeing Policy, and Regular Reviews of Reward, Recognition, and Benefits.

By signing the Mental Health at Work Commitment Pledge, Broadplace looks forward to a future where mental health is at the forefront of its workplace culture, continuing to make Broadplace an exemplary place to work for everyone.


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