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Google has recently created a new and improved experience for agencies and digital marketing professionals combining certification and tools in a program called Google Partners.
Partners replaces the old Google Engage program of which Broadplace was previously a member. Google AdWords Certification has also now become part of Google Partners.
The Partner program now consists of 3 main areas: Certifications, Best Practices and Spend.
A Google Partner can be easily identified through their display of the Google Partner badge. Companies displaying this badge demonstrate best practice, manage AdWords campaigns using the latest tools and insights and keep abreast of new product opportunities.
The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts your company and that potential clients can, too. It serves as an indicator of professionalism and know-how.
Broadplace is delighted to take its place under the new Partner program!
To check out Broadplace’s Partner page, click here
Written by Jim Houlden

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