What You Really Need To Become A Digital Account Manager

What You Really Need To Become A Digital Account Manager

Before I started training as an Account Manager at Broadplace Advertising, I wondered what made a good Account Manager and what you really need to become a digital Account Manager. I wondered if it would be easy to retrain in an industry like this. To be honest, it was pretty easy. I’m aware that this kind of work involves continued learning, but with the right input and training, it’s easy to live and breathe digital after just 70 days. Of course, it’s thanks a mixture of my own dedication and some amazing training from my new employers. But it can be done!

What You Really Need To Become A Digital Account Manager

What You ‘Officially’ Need To Become A Digital Account Manager:

  • Strong analytical and numerical skills
  • Time management skills
  • Data driven, with a good understanding of the importance of ROI
  • Attention to detail
  • Fast and hard working
  • Quick to respond to opportunities and threats to campaigns
  • Ability to learn new technologies
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Degree or higher education preferable but not essential

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How to become a digital account manager

What You Really Need To Become A Digital Account Manager

OK, let’s be real. The job descriptions can be a bit stale, they need to be. So, what qualities will you really rely on when you’re a digital marketing Account Manager? During my 70 days here at this amazing place called Broadplace I learned the following things:

A Sense of Humour

You’re going to be dealing with a lot of pressure. Clients are relying on you to work their campaigns and their budgets to the fullest. This is especially true when you’re working with SMEs, quite often this is an individual’s own money. It means a lot to them. If things go into a lull, which inevitably at some point, for whatever reason, they will – you need to be on hand to reassure, to reset and communicate the plan to the client in a way they understand.

What You Really Need To Become A Digital Account Manager
Work Hard | Play Hard – The Broadplace Philosophy

Get Your AdWords Certificate

You must take advantage of what Google AdWords gives you, lot of resources and nice examples. Probably you’ll fail the exam, probably you’ll think it’s hard, but if you read the resources once and try to understand the logic behind each item, everything will be much easier than you think.

Read Every Day…

At least one article about strategies that other Account Managers apply for their clients. The internet is full with these kind of articles. Read, analyse, highlight, compare with your strategies and vision and finally, apply them.

Ask As Many Questions As You Can

I’m the girl who’s always saying, ‘’Can I ask you something’’ and I’m pretty sure all my colleagues have rolled their eyes at least once for asking a new question every day, but they always found the time to show, explain and be sure I understood. They are all different, with different ways to run an account and this is amazing because I had the chance to learn a lot and create my own way – paved with a lot of brilliant ideas.

Be A Good Listener

I listen every day my colleagues, I feel their positivity and I learn from their ups and downs. Here at Broadplace, we create something every day for our clients – new campaigns, new ads; and if I had to choose a word to describe this place this will be passion.
There are much more to say, but for me those 4 were the stepping stones for really achieving the most in my first months.

A Jargon Buster

It’s so easy to slip into Google-speak that just doesn’t translate to people in other industries. It can be tough to be able to explain certain terms within Paid Search. That’s why Broadplace compiled one of the most comprehensive Jargon Busters available. It’s great for referring clients to, or using when you’re on the phone and are struggling to put into layman’s terms some of the weird and wonderful words and acronyms that we use as second nature.

Be On Top Of ThingsCampaignHub Broadplace

Whether that’s time management, prioritising tasks, project timelines or making sure reports are out on time and campaign optimisation is done quickly. We’re really lucky here at Broadplace because we have CampaignHub™ – our own project management/campaign optimiser/reporting tool that identifies opportunities, threats and sends out automatic reports to clients that we can add bespoke commentary to. It’s a really clever bit of kit that we’re blessed to have.

Be A Bit Fearless

We’re strict about sticking to Google best practices and playing by the rules, but we also know when to be daring and try new things to revive tired campaigns. Harness your own ambition and courage and common sense to do what you think is right for the client.

Chase The Money

We’re dealing with other people’s money. They’ve given us that money so that they can make more money. It’s our job to facilitate that. ROI is our priority. I’m not afraid to admit that we chase that money for our clients, within the rules.
Until next time, I hope this has been helpful!

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