Google has announced “Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE)” in its latest blog AdWords Campaign Experiments Beta: Split testing tool for your campaigns

Till now PPC Specialist would do a simple pre and post analysis of the changes made for Keywords, bids , ad groups and placements. But this will often be approximate at the best since very many external factors like holidays, Weekends or changes in user behaviour will need to be factored. Thus, it used to be time consuming a lot. ACE allows you to test and measure changes in real-time by executing your experimental campaign alongside your original campaign. Thus, spilt testing has become much easier at the same time much more precise.

The tool will help optimise the Google Adwords campaign much better. All your hunches of what can be better can be easily split tested real time. A good campaign anyway needs to be tweaked for keywords, bids as well as search and content networks. For example recently we tested a campaign which was previously not doing well on content. The content setting was tweaked as per our understanding of the campaign and it really worked pretty well.

The feature is still in beta phase and Google is getting feedback from PPC Advertisers / consultants. I hope to see much advanced version soon since Google always improves its beta to the perfection…
You may like to see the video here:

Now PPC Management has become more easier.

Different ways of using ACE

Use ACE to experiment with any combination of bid, keyword, ad group or placement changes. You can test and measure a variety of scenarios including:
* The incremental impact of adding new keywords to your campaign or changing keyword and ad group-level bids
* The value of restructuring your Content campaigns to use more tightly themed ad groups
* The change in volume by using different keyword match types
* The value of using an ad group default bid versus keyword-level bids
* And much more!

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