Discover the Hidden Treasures in your Adwords campaigns with these 7 Must Use Analytics Features from Broadplace’s Jamie Ludlow
Chart Data By Hour of the Day
Go to Acquisition -> Adwords -> Hour of Day
You can then choose what you would like to view and see it in a visual graph to easily identify trends based on the time of the day over the date range you have selected.
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Destination URLs
Go to Acquisition -> Adwords -> Destination URLs
You can then view the landing pages that are driving the most revenue and have the highest CR to help make decsions as to which pages you should be driving traffic to, to increase sales.

Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Tools – Destination URLs

Monitoring Shopping Categories/Brands
Go to Acquisition -> Adwords -> Shopping Campaigns
Here you can view your shopping campaigns and see how they are performing at campaign level and you can also select to view performance by category, product and brand level. This will help you to identify specific brands or product groups that are driving the most revenue which you can prioritise in a high priority campaign and assign more budget to.
Google Analytics Tools

Shopping Campaigns

Review Top Selling Products
Go to Conversions -> Ecommerce -> Product Performance
Here you can view the product performance for Ecommerce clients. You can sort by revenue to see which products are driving the most revenue and these are the products you will want to focus the budget on. Another good tip is to sort by average price and see high value items that are selling as these will bring higher margins and more revenue so they are good items to focus on too. If you have a shopping campaign it would make sense to put these top sellers in a high priority campaign.
Google Analytics Tools

Top Selling Product Review

Monitoring Time Delay Before Purchasing
Go to Conversions -> Multi-Channel Funnels -> Time Lag
Here you can see how long people take to convert after visiting the site. If you just want to see the data for Adwords visits then you need to make sure the Adwords option is selected.
If you see that most people don’t impulse buy and take time to convert then that is a great opportunity to offer them remarketing. Also if a client is asking why sales are so slow on a particular day you can mention that they only make 66% of sales on the day people click through to the site and they can expect to see an extra 33% of sales from that traffic over the next 30 days for example.
Google Analytics Tools

Monitoring Time Delay Before Purchase

See Where Your Campaigns/Ad Groups Have Assisted Conversions in other Channels
Go to Conversions -> Multi-Channel Funnels -> Assisted Conversions
This allows you to identify campaigns, ad groups, keywords that have assisted conversion in other channels. This can be broken down at campaign, ad group or keyword level.
Google Analytics Tools

Assisted Conversions

Attribution Modelling
Go to Conversions -> Attribution -> Model Comparison
Attribution modelling is quite complex and would warrant a whole training itself, but its useful to be aware of the basics. The model comparison tool, lets you compare different attribution models and see how much revenue has been generated based on that model. Personally I prefer ‘linear’ because this gives all channels an equal contribution to the overall conversion value rather than giving all of the credit to the first or last click which happens in first/last click modelling, but this can change based on the business goals.
Google Analytics Tools

Attribution Modelling

Again if you just want to look at Adwords data, make sure you have Adwords selection at the top.
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 By Broadplace Account Manager, Jamie Ludlow

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