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5 tools to find negative keywords (that everybody doing Google Adwords should be using)

negative keywords
Negative keywords allow businesses who are running a Google Adwords campaign to restrict their PPC advertisements so that they reach a more relevant audience. Adding negative keywords to your campaigns will help to target your advert properly and ensure you get the clicks that are more likely to convert.
We’ve identified 5 tools and resources that you can use to help identify a list of negative keywords that will optimise your Google Adwords campaigns.
1. Keyword Research Tools 
There are a number of free (and some paid) keyword research tools you can use to brainstorm negative keywords. Even if you start with a seed list, they will help you come up with other keyword suggestions that won’t be relevant to your business.

2. Commonly used negative keywords
There a bunch of generic negative keywords that are worth adding to your campaign that will help streamline your traffic to the right audience. Words such as ‘free’ (if your product is not free) and ‘jobs’ (where applicable) are important to include. Tech Wyse have come up with a good list with industry generic ones too.
3. Google Suggest
Type your keyword into Google and it will suggest a list of commonly typed keyword phrases related to that particular keyword. These may also spark some negative keywords that you should be including.

4. Think of negative synonyms
Once you have identified a negative keyword seed list, think of other keywords that your audience might use that have similar meaning.  For example, if your product inventory does not include luxury products, you might also want to include synonyms of the word ‘luxury’ to add to your negative keyword list, such as:

  • High-end
  • Expensive
  • Top quality

5. Monitor your Campaign
Once you’ve launched your Adwords campaign, you can find irrelevant keywords that are triggering your ads, click the “see search terms” drop-down on the Keywords page.

This will give you a list of keywords that have been used to trigger your ad, some of which may be irrelevant to your business that you can then add as a negative keyword.
Bidding on the right keywords, and including negative keywords in your campaign set up is only half the battle. The rest relies on clearly targeted ads and a highly converting landing page.  Contact Broadplace’s Google Qualified Adword Experts for more information.

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