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Content creation, promotion and technical SEO is all well and good but what does this actually DO for your business? At Broadplace we understand that better performance is a key objective of any business. For this reason we carry out SEO analysis in the form of SEO reports that we deliver on a timescale to suit you.

From the offset we ensure we determine your business objectives and set a plan of action to match these with your on­site metrics. As site objectives vary across business we will create a tailor made report which reviews those metrics to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to measuring success.


As part of our SEO analysis we will ensure we monitor what matters to you. As experts in our field we integrate key SEO indicators to monitor and provide in-depth commentary to help you understand your site traffic/conversions.

Not only do we look at the numbers we also give you a monthly rundown of the goings on in the SEO world including market updates and those all important Google updates. This ensures we are as reactive as possible to adapt to market updates. As an analytical PPC and SEO company data is part of our core so we know how much our SEO analysis means to any company.

Whether you’re looking to increase the number of visits, calls, revenue then Broadplace can help analyse performance. We will compile a reporting template that meets all your needs and allow you to make more informed decisions by seeing the bigger picture.

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