Your website content is the more important element of your site and business and we will not change anything on your site without your prior permission. However, content does help drive your search engine traffic. If you do not want us to change any of your content but you do want SEO for your site then we can add industry related articles to your site that are rich in keywords and appealing to your target audience.
We will not force you to overstuff your website with keywords. However, 60 keywords is the average for optimisation and they will include plural words, phrases, and variant sequences of the words. When you consider that most websites are five or more pages 60 keywords spread out with 3 to 5 keywords per page is not unrealistic. If you do not think you will need more than say, 30 keywords, then that is what we will use to optimise your website. We will not create keywords just for the sake of it. We’d rather help you identify the ones that will be most relevant to your site, are genuine, and will provide you with a good search count.
Determining the right keywords for your website is a series of steps where you provide us with the information we need to find your keywords. We will start out by asking you to fill out a questionnaire about your website and we will look over your current website to get a feel for who your target audience is. The next thing we will do is study your competition and look at what keywords they are using. The final part of research we will collect will be on industry specific keywords that we can add to your website.Once we have collected and analysed this data we will start to develop a list for your website. We will start with a short-list of the most relevant keywords based on their relevancy scores and then look for ranking competition of these keywords to get a feel for how well they work. From there we will determine how many link building supports you will need for each keyword and then present the final list of keywords to you.You will be involved from the beginning of this process to the end and you will have the final say on which keywords will be used in the optimisation of your website. You should plan on deciding on somewhere between 40 and 60 keywords to use for your website that will flow naturally in your content and look right in your website copy.
Link building is something that helps your website, and for your keywords to be utilised most effectively you do need the support of links from other websites. You will need to make sure that when you do invest in link building that your links are optimised to help rank your site better. This is called off-page SEO. The more competitive the keyword you use on your website, the more important link building is to the way your website is ranked.However, you do not need to worry about link building right away. This is something that can always be added at a later time. You should focus on getting your competitive keywords in place before going live so that you can see results right away.
  • We, as an SEO Company will help you implement the following pieces of your website to help you ensure that it is optimised for search engines:Page title, filenames, etc.
  • Alternative text, title attributes, etc.
  • The visitor reads the description of the website and they have the opportunity to click on the web link and visit the web page.
  • Content optimisation including SEO copywriting and anchor text
  • Meta tags, comment tags, etc.
  • The removal of unnecessary coding
  • Designing a search engine friendly and readable site
  • Customising your 404 error page
  • Robots.txt file updating to keep your site current
Currently we do not offer any type of guarantee for ranking. In all honesty we can’t, and the reason is that search engines change their ranking algorithms on a regular basis, and most SEO companies – ourselves included – simply cannot keep up or control when they are changed or how they are changed. We do, however, understand how these algorithms work, and using this knowledge we are able to make sure that your website is ranked based on the keywords that are being used by your target audience.
Of course! Simply provide us with an excel spreadsheet (or similar) of all your products and we will do the rest. If you have a spreadsheet that shows each product’s URL and price, we can even include this in your adverts when we write them.
The calibration of your rankings is almost instantaneous. The ranking will be based on your bid rate, click through rate, and other metrics the search engines use for this purpose. Even though the ranking is fast, expect a maximum of one to two days for the engine to approve your advertisement and get it posted before reflecting on your PPC rankings.
For the maximum amount of traffic to flow to your website, you should use both. But deciding on which one will be the primary source of traffic generation should be based on your business goals, and the services and products you are selling. Additionally, you need to make sure you include what your competition is doing when you make your decision. Our expert staff will be able to guide you in this decision once they analyse your company, the competition, and what type of keywords you will need to promote your site.
Your PPC adverts can appear anywhere you want them to. Most of the pay per click search engines work on a bidding premise. If you want the top advertisement spot, you will need to win the bid for it. This means that you choose where your ad will go. However, keep in mind that sometimes the top spot is not always the best. The highest spot does not guarantee click through rates and sales, we will work with you and carry out tests to ascertain which positioning is best for your company’s requirements and ensure that you are never paying more than you need to for sales and enquiries.
We use the top search engines and the networks they are on for your advertising campaigns.They include but are not limited to : Google | Yahoo| Bing (formerly MSN).
If the item is part of a product for sale, you need the Extended License.
Example: A game or t-shirt for sale