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Google’s guidelines continuously change, so SEO consultancy is an integral part of any SEO strategy. For example, when Google announced mobile was the next big thing Broadplace worked across our portfolio to ensure all clients were mobile ready. As this is an ongoing process it is imperative that website owners are ahead of the trend and are ready for whatever Google has up its sleeve. With this in mind SEO consultants are always on-hand to work with your developers to make sure all changes are made as efficiently as possible.


Technical SEO makes up the elements of the site, it’s about looking at all pieces of the puzzle. Building a site with SEO in mind is ideal but we can always work with sites that are up and running. We’re flexible like that 🙂


Although ‘technical nirvana’ doesn’t quite exist, we can get you as close as possible with our best practice checklist. We will identify how crawlable your site is, define ways to enhance keyword visibility and identify any technical glitches that could impact your site from an SEO perspective. At Broadplace we have technical knowledge so we know the do’s and dont’s of on­page optimisation.


Additionally we will prioritise each recommendation to highlight what will have the most impact on site performance. At Broadplace we understand that most of our recommendations incur additional costs so we ensure only the top recommendations are prioritised. We then measure these changes using insights from our reporting to see what impact these have had before proceeding further.


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