Our Fantastic Email Reporting is used by 100s of businesses every day to provide them with simple, effective insight into how their Advertising campaigns are performing.

Flexibility to report per campaign, per location at variety of different intervals. Cross-channel reporting available, including site-wide metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing and more. Granular reporting available down to keyword level.
Simple, effective insight into how your ad campaigns are performing. Accessible 24/7.
Access Anywhere
We listened to our clients and made sure they could read reports on mobile or desktop for presentations
Instant Feedback
Use the traffic light feedback to tell us how we can improve your report
Email Reporting
Our fantastic email reporting is used by 100s of businesses every day
Bespoke Account Manager commentary, tailored to you
Week on week or month on month comparisons

Our feedback buttons included in your report give you a “one-click” feedback
opportunity that we can use to monitor your satisfaction and improve your results
and service.

What’s more, you get to see all this. You get a comprehensive report straight to your inbox that you can view on your phone and laptop alike. The reports provide all the important data your business needs presented in way which can be used anywhere at any time. When we say we’re transparent, we mean it. We don’t hide success or failures. We share them both with you and learn from them together.