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We all check our emails on a regular basis. So it’s an ideal place to communicate with your new or existing customers-. Unlike email marketing of the past, you have the opportunity to offer creative advertising to a massive audience.

The ad will appear in a collapsed format. You don’t pay until someone wants to learn more and clicks on your email to expand it. They can then save the email, forward it on or act upon it then and there. Ads are optimised for the device they appear on (desktop looks different from mobile). You can add Gmail Advertising as a placement to your ad group.

Types of Gmail Advertising

  • Teaser Ads – these can either be viewed in list format or gallery (where the user can see images) you get a headline and small teaser text and a small image.
  • Fully Expanded Ads – shown when a user clicks on a teaser ad. This is where you can show videos, click to call, brand creatives, data capture – whatever your campaign aims.

Who Should Use Gmail Advertising?

Unlike paid search, where someone is looking for something, you are putting your product/brand/service in front of customers who weren’t necessarily looking for it at that moment.
It works particularly well for companies offering a free trial period or allowing customers to express an interest in your company without committing to too much then and there.
Gmail ads can be targeted – age, gender, location, keywords, interests, even down to people’s purchase histories and job titles.
You can use your own email list to reach existing customers (Customer Match). Or you can exclude people on your list so that you only reach new customers.



  • Optimum Delivery

    You won’t pay over and over again if people click multiple times on your ad

  • Standard AdWords Pricing

    There’s no separate pricing structure with Gmail ads, you pay with cost-per-click

  • Native Format

    Open rates, on average, can be up to 6.6%

  • High Performance

    Gmail Ads are equal to, or better than, other display placements.

  • Optimum Delivery

    Measurable reach, open rate, saves, forwards, clickthroughs, form submissions, video play and conversions. Seeing forward rates shows the viral performance of your ad.

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