Your Website May Be Compromised – Steps to Fix Compromised Website

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  • On December 30, 2010
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Seeing a notification from Google that says ‘your website may be compromised’ can give a tough time to a webmaster. The warning is an indication that a particular site is hacked by an unauthorized person. If you ever receive such a notification from Google then do not panic as this situation can be brought under control.
Google through its automated Webmaster tools detects a hacked website as soon as possible and alerts the webmaster of that particular site. The problem can then be fixed by the webmaster and once this is done Google will remove the warning from the website. This may be good news but there is a bad news as well, the review of the site can take a few days after it is cleaned up.
Having a Google Webmaster tools account can save your website from hackers and will let you do the damage control on time. So if you are a website owner and have not yet signed up for a webmaster account then it is high time you do so. Below listed are the steps through which this tool will help you clean up your website after it is attacked by a third party.

•    Taking your website down is the first thing to do. Contact your Web hosting company and inform them about the problem. You also need to change all the passwords for the hacked website account.
•    Google’s diagnostics page lets you know the damage that has occurred on your website.  For example we tested the tool for voucher codes site  by using the url you can get your entire website scanned by Google and get to know whether the site has been infected by malware, if yes you can check those pages using Google’s Webmaster Tools. By using the Url removal tool you can remove the hacked pages from your website. You can report the phishing pages to Google and can then read the necessary actions that you can take to resolve the problem.
•    While your website is not online clean it up. Replace the content on your website using the backups if you have them. Reinstall your operating system and upgrade your server with the latest and genuine software packages.
•    Once you are sure that your site has been cleaned up you can ask Google for its review. Only after the review is complete the warning from your website will be removed.

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