What Makes Good PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns?

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  • On April 12, 2010
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Using pay per click campaigns, or PPC Campaigns, is a great way to get better search engine results.  Essentially, there are 5 basic things you need to do in order to get the most out of pay per click advertising. Use keyword tools to analyze its effectiveness.  Share the keyword research.  Keep track of what searches are producing.  Always, always keep continuously monitoring which pages are being downloaded from the internet.  Consider the value of an ad when the natural ranking of a page is working very well.  Link exchange can be great, but pay per click might be needed when you wish to cross categories.
Moving right along then, always keyword selection and adjustment are highly important.  Increasing traffic, improving search engine rankings, buzz talk about your business, and credibility for your website are all things that will get better when you use PPC campaigns.  If you want to do this without paying any money, then you will need to use SEO techniques with some articles and blogs that are online published.  Also, any efforts that you can do in getting backlinks will help your website as well.
The next part of Pay Per Click campaign management that we’ll discuss is your landing pages.  Keep in mind that SEO rules do not apply to pay per click.  Depending on the type of traffic you purchase, this type of campaign can generate some great results.  So put some good time and quality work into the design of your website and landing page. If your landing page appears useful or otherwise a good place to be, visitors will stay, and they will look around.  Make sure your website is easy to read.  Don’t make your pages too long, either.  Use good color designs and give great content.
Understanding the major differences between SEO and PPC is vital to the success of your search engine placement and traffic.  Using pay per click is a more direct, less involved way to get this traffic, while search engine optimization with articles, links, and keywords can be a bit more involved.  Either way, you should try both and see what works for your website or your type of business.  Don’t be surprised if one method works much better for you than the other.  That is often the case.  Each and every business works differently, so the marketing and advertising budgets and outcomes will work differently according to the specifications of each.
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