Vuyani Safari Lodge

Vuyani Safari Lodge

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The Vuyani Safari Lodge is an all-inclusive luxury South African safari lodge, located near Kruger National Park. They have been advertising independently on Google AdWords since June 2010 but brought SMB Partner Broadplace on board in order to improve their ROI on Google Adwords.

The Challenge

  • Diminished sales following news trends in early 2014
  • Improve enquiry to booking ratio
  • Maintain bookings during periods of reduced demand.
  • Keep Cost Per Acquisition under 6%

The Approach

  • Create adverts targeted to customer locations
  • Optimise accounts to remove irrelevant traffic
  • Introduce remarketing strategy


  • Increased overall Conversion Rates by 13.3%
  • Decreased Cost per Conversion by 53.2%
  • Click Conversion rate increased from 11.08% to 20.69%
  • Average Position increased from 2.0 to 1.2
  • "Some things that sound simple have a huge effect. Retargeting is one of those things. Its simplicity and impact make it an extremely powerful tool for our business. It has made a very tangible difference to our enquiry levels, and it has helped our marketing partners increase their booking volumes too."
    Bernard Koppes
    Managing Director of The Vuyani Safari Lodge

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