Twitter Launches Photo Sharing Search

A major new photo sharing feature was launched by social networking site Twitter at the beginning of June. This is part of their overhauled Twitter search feature. The website is making sure that the 140 character limit on typing a message does not limit the amount of information that can be gleaned from such a search.
The new photo sharing search offers the following features and benefits:
•    You get the option to upload a photo instead of or as well as a tweet
•    You can attach a hashtag to the message to make it easier to find
•    The search results will reveal the most appropriate photo content as well as written tweets
•    You can capture a new audience through a photo just as easily as you would using a normal tweet
The new service will be rolled out over the coming weeks. Mobile apps will also feature the new service. This means you can take a picture on your phone and upload it to Twitter within seconds. But even online it will be a great new addition to the social networking site.

Twitter Photo Sharing

This is good news for businesses that want to engage with their audience in a more innovative way. Now you can take a picture of your new product and tweet about it. Creative thinking will go a long way with the new photo search on Twitter. It makes it even more important for online businesses to embrace social media marketing and what it can do for them. We shall be watching to see who makes the most of it.

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