Top Quality Search Results and Removal of Junk

Find out about how to overcome ‘junk’ and dead links here, this is something that all SEO companies need to deal with and is a large issue regarding search engine optimisation and providing top quality and consistent search results. Removing junk from internet search results is extremely important and failure to do so can lead to frustration for the user, meaning they may possibly stop using your search engine as they struggle to find what they are looking for.
Bing, Microsoft’s successful and popular search engine has recently written how they remove bad links from their Bing search results, and also how they handle junk or empty snippets too. A blog on how this is done has been written by a member of their core search team, Dr. Richard Qian, and it is the latest in their recent efforts to give search quality insights into how their search engine works so well and so consistently. For Bing, junk links include dead links, which are described as pages that return either an error code 4xx or 5xx, they use a Bing crawler, which crawls through and detects these dead links. Also included as junk links are soft 404’s, similar to hard 404’s but without the large header, and to combat these junk links Bing uses a precise classifier and page content to detect whether it is soft or not, and therefore whether or not it should be removed from the search results.
Another form of junk links is parked domains which they do not want in their search results; these needs to be detected and removed so they use signatures. Another thing that Bing has to deal with in their search results is junky snippets and empty snippets. Junky snippets are dealt with through various strategies to enhance their garbage detector, encoding classifier and document converter; these help reduce the likelihood of junky snippets occurring. To deal with empty snippets, Bing uses a number of different classifiers to see the proper snippet for the search result and also crawlers and article processors. All of these tools and techniques used by the search engine from Microsoft are hugely important for SEO professionals who are optimising client websites, as overcoming dead link issues is a large challenge and one that needs to be dealt with if your SEO Company is to succeed.
If you are an SEO Company looking to overcome these issues then the information here should be of valuable use, and being a product of Microsoft, Bing are a hugely successful and prominent search engine that produces top quality and consistent search results.

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