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Sometimes it can be very difficult to identify exactly which areas you need to watch in your account. You log in to check the previous day’s activity and a KPI has dramatically changed – that causes you to check your Campaigns, Adgroups, Keywords, Dimensions, multiple date ranges and your Change History to try and work out exactly what has changed and why.
Enter the Top Movers Report. Google has introduced an ‘at a glance’ view to show you what Campaigns and Adgroups saw the biggest changes in clicks and cost, and to give some suggestions why those changes happened. You’ll find it on the Dimensions tab menu:

This will then compare two consecutive time periods (with equal lengths) and you can compare over 7, 14 or 28 days.
At the top of the report, Google will look at the biggest changes in Clicks or Cost and these become your Top Movers. The summary table is quite vague in what it shows – for your Top Movers, here are the top line figures:
Some things in this account have increased, some things have decreased. If you keep on top of your account, you would have spotted this fluctuation in stats – however, it does give a good overview of any potential red flags.
The most helpful part of the report is below the table. You get a list of the Top Movers (which are either Campaigns or Adgroups) and details of how they have moved:
You then have the option to view the Change History to remind yourself of any changes you made to the account, and then you will be able to see if you need to undo that work, or make additional tweaks to it – if it’s a positive change, you may decide to roll it out to other Campaigns! The ‘Possible causes’ section only takes into consideration activity done within your account – it will not, for example, pick up the fact that your closest competitor has doubled their budget and increased their bids.
You can view the top movers by either Cost or Clicks – just use the headers of the summary table to switch between the two. In my opinion, I think Google need to add Conversion metrics to this (especially for the 28 day view) so that it’s easy to see the real impact of the cost and click changes – if your cost has doubled but your conversions have too, that’s surely a good thing!
Written by Chris Davenport-Smith

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