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The beauty of online marketing is just how measurable it is, from the number of times your ad was shown, to how many people clicked on your ad. You can check what they did after they interacted with your website - when they came back, what they looked at, whether they bought on the first time they visited, or how many visits or time it took for them to convert.

At Broadplace we believe in performance, by tracking the most important user actions on your website and across your ads we are uniquely positioned to help small businesses drive return on investment.

As both a Google AdWords Premier Partner and, a Google Analytics Partner we are uniquely positioned in the market to provide the best tracking through the most popular website tracking solution in the world which helps us give you better performance.

Our Philosophy

  • Measure important user actions across your ads and on your website.

  • Give credit to each channel, allowing you to accurately invest your advertising budget.

  • View sales/leads by keyword to allow for on-going optimisation.

  • Weekly/Monthly reports which include all tracking data.

CampaignHub Lite

CampaignHub Lite is your way of trying some of the digital marketing world’s most advanced technology to help you optimise your ad campaigns, for FREE. Sign up now to get your weekly campaign reporting straight to your mailbox. It’s free for as long as you want it.

Free AdWords Features

CampaignHub Reporting

Our Fantastic Email Reporting is used by 100s of businesses every day to provide them with simple, effective insight into how their Advertising campaigns are performing.

Easy To Understand

Key Performance Indicators like 'spend', 'return' and 'leads' will be sent straight to you in an easy to understand way.

Cut Wastage

Understand the health and quality of your campaigns to discover how to cut down on wasted spend and get more for your money.

Advanced Technology

Let our technology make suggestions for you each week to improve the health and performance of the campaigns.

Completely Free

Don't pay a penny for our reports, just relax and enjoy free, accurate insights to act upon.

Tracking Made Simple

  • We use enterprise level tag management software to quickly and easily get the best tracking on your website.

  • Just one simple code to apply and we’ll do the rest.

  • We can include remarketing, conversion tracking and any other code to save you time and reduce any development costs.

One of the greatest advantages of online advertising is the ability to track, analyse and improve your campaigns. Print advertising, in comparison, seemed like an expensive gamble. There was no way to measure the success unless you included a coupon or a discount code.

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