Tips on How to Run SEO Campaigns

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  • On October 22, 2010
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You must start from the beginning in nearly anything you do, and running SEO campaigns is not any different in that respect.  Assuming that you come into this segment with a good domain name already in place, you are going to start by finding the right keywords to read your niche. Which keywords do you think your best customers will be searching for?  This is where you have got to know your own business well.  Ask your customers if you have to.  Find out about 10 phrases or keywords that you think will work for your business.  Use titles on your web pages individually that will also hold these keywords and phrases.
Use meta keywords in SEO campaigns.  Also use a description of your website in the meta name fields.  Even though Google doesn’t use them like they used to, other search engines do, so use them!  You won’t get any bad marks from Google for it, either.  Make sure your home page content is pure and good.  Use unique content as well.  Use your top spot keyword 2-3 times within each batch of about 200 words so that you get caught by the search engines, but no more.  Also use your business name, address, and telephone number as this will help you end up on the local businesses page.
Use a blog!  Use your keywords  in your blog too.  This is especially helpful in SEO campaigns because it provides fresh content, which the search engines love too.  Two weekly posts about your business is usually a good amount.  You can include anything relevant to your business.  IT could be a website update, a new employee in your company, or anything else that is relevant.  Using WordPress makes these things super easy to use and include plugins that help work your SEO better.
Monitor your traffic using Google Analytics.  Monitor the rankings of your website to see how it is performing and ranking.  Set up social media outlets.  Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and Digg are among the social media outlets you want to have a presence on.  Maintaining these social media pages is important.  These will help bring you into the newest form of online communication that has virtually taken over everything.  Using these tips should help you build highly successful SEO campaigns, for now at least.  Keep yourself current and educated. These things are evolving and growing by the day!

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