Time for the Yahoo! Bing Network to be taken seriously?

So, you’re feeling pretty pleased with your Google AdWords campaign…..CTR is good, ads are relevant and deep linked to appropriate pages and due to your excellent quality scores you are being rewarded with low CPC’s and ads that consistently appear in the prime real estate positions. Pats on the back all round!
As any search marketer knows, AdWords is the natural first choice for paid search advertisers for a couple of reasons, notably better impressions and click-through rates. With a market share of around 90% in the UK, online businesses both large and small know this is where they have to be seen without question.
However, search campaigns that run on the Yahoo! Bing Network often result in better ROAS than similar campaigns on Google AdWords. Due to lower volume, however, Bing Ads has often been labelled as ‘nice to have’ as opposed to ‘must have’.
The advantages of YBN (lower CPC’s and less competition for ad position) offer a good opportunity for advertisers who want to make the most of their search efforts, so isn’t it about time that smaller advertisers started to think about the benefits of setting up an account on Bing Ads?
According to Nielsen Net Ratings, September 2012 comScore Core Search (custom), June 2012 report there are 18.8 million unique UK searchers on the YBN. Of that number, 3.8 million users are not on Google (source: Nielsen Net Ratings, Sept 2012, comScore Core Search (custom) June 2012, DCLG).
It also notes that searchers who use the Yahoo! Bing Network are nearly sixty percent more likely to be potential buyers than most UK searchers. As an ex-Yahoo! employee, we were sent out to market armed with the phrase that YBN users were searching with a credit card in their hand! This research appears to back this statement up.
Following Google’s February announcement regarding Enhanced campaigns, advertisers’ attention will have been focused on upgrading to the new structure. Those who also utilize Bing Ads and have been able to import their campaigns to that platform may be wondering what effect it will have to bring their campaigns over if Bing Ads does not have concepts and features related to campaigns which have been enhanced. Well, the good news is that Bing Ads confirmed via their blog last month that they would be updating their product to make sure that advertisers are able to carry on a seamless transition between both platforms.
Ads that are marked as Mobile Preferred for AdWords will not be shown on desktops or tablets on Bing Ads. In addition they plan to support negative bid percentages in addition to mobile and location radius targeting, which ensures that ad campaigns that need to use these features as part of AdWords Enhanced campaigns should be able to anticipate this functionality when they are imported into Bing Ads.
These changes are due to take place a few weeks after the mandatory Enhanced campaigns migration date of July 22nd 2013 so surely now is the time for the Yahoo! Bing Network to be taken seriously.
What are you waiting for?
Written by Jim Houlden, Head of Client Services

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