The Best Way To Present PPC Results To A Client

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  • On March 9, 2012
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Discover the most effective form of feedback to your clients and the importance of storytelling in pay per click (or PPC) marketing as opposed to just using statistics and graphs to demonstrate results with this website. PPC marketing  is a model of marketing that directs online traffic towards websites, and when an advert is clicked on the advertisers will pay the publisher (hence ‘pay per click’), this is often a keyword or phrase which will relate to their target audience, and therefore direct them to their webpage. This is becoming an increasingly popular and effective form of marketing which, if done correctly, can be extremely effective and profitable.
There are many companies that provide this service, but it is apparent that reporting back to the client can be unsatisfactory through only using graphs and statistics to demonstrate results; this is not particularly helpful or professional and does not help either party. It is vital for a PPC consultant makes sure that the client understands not only the statistics and what they mean, but also how this marketing model works and how they can possibly improve their results. As with most forms of business, face to face human interaction is the best possible course of action so that targets can be understood and questions easily answered, as well as building a trusting client and consultant relationship.
A PPC consultant will understand the technical jargon and what is working and what isn’t, but the client will not as it is not their job to understand this, and is why they have decided to pay for this marketing model. Therefore it is vital for the consultant to brief the customer and tell the whole story as opposed to bombarding them with statistics and technical language. The most effective form of feedback will involve teaching the client the difference between the statistics and which are the most important stats, using web analysis to demonstrate how it is working, and presenting the facts and data in a logical and straight forward format. Providing all of this in a well organized and though out story will help the client understand and built a trusting relationship with your PPC marketing company.
Find out more about the best form of constructing feedback for clients with this website, there are also comments, blogs and other pages to read all relating to providing the best possible pay per click marketing possible. Find out more about this popular and effective marketing model today.

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