Effective Tips for Writing Twitter Ad Copy

Twitter is hoping to make a comeback in popularity amongst businesses after Instagram and Facebook have taken over in recent years. There are many ways to make use of Twitter for an effective digital marketing campaign. Here are some tips for creating impactful ads that will lead to success time and time again.

The importance of Twitter ad copy
The importance of Twitter ad copy
Highlight urgency

Emphasising urgency is key to encouraging people to take immediate action. Perhaps you could advertise a one time or limited period offer or mention stock is in short supply. This will send users into a frenzy that they need to act soon to avoid missing out. Using phrases such as “for a limited time” and “sign up now” can be compelling call to action.

Offer percentage discounts

More people click on Tweets if they show discounts as a percentage rather than a currency figure. 20% off sounds better than £5 off. Use this to your advantage to gain more sales. Shoppers love a bargain and will likely tell their friends about it too.

Offer freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie?! Lots of businesses can build their client base by offering free gifts, such as a podcast or e-book. This is something worth  considering if you have content to give away. This is also the perfect way to add them to your mailing list, so you can target any future promotions to them on a regular basis.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags can be useful, but only if implemented in the right way. Hashtag overload and unsuitable keywords can be counterproductive and put potential buyers off. If your aim is to drive people to your website or follow your Twitter account then you don’t want to have someone click on your hashtag instead of your call to action, so only include them when it is relevant to do so. Hashtags are very useful for engagement as they link all other mentions of that phrase, but may distract from your link.

Engage your audience

Your audience needs to feel valued and engaged. Asking a question can help people feel like they are part of a conversation or community, and encourage them to take part or click through. Conversations between users may boost popularity and get your brand name out there to a wider audience. Try to engage your customers as much as possible by inviting them to ask questions. Reply to them on a personal one to one level and update your tweets with interesting and exciting news to keep them coming back over and over again.

Remember that it is important to test your campaign techniques and monitor progress on an ongoing basis. This is key to success as you will need to tweak any marketing plans to see improvements over time. Find out which copy performs best for your audience and focus on this as the main part of your campaign. Using various types of marketing as part of one bigger plan can be useful across different platforms as this offers continuity and a greater reach. Contact one of our experts for more information!

Transform your Twitter social media marketing

Twitter has dropped in popularity with businesses over recent years, as Instagram and Facebook have taken the lead. However, it is still a very valuable marketing tool to use as part of an integrative social media campaign for your business. With our top tips, you can use the site to your advantage and help boost sales.


1. Competitions
Twitter is popular for competitions amongst users. Put some prizes up for grabs, and tweet using hashtags such as ‘win’, ‘competition’, and ‘giveaway’, to entice users to retweet your post and follow you. This will boost follows and interactions on your page and get your brand out there in front of new audiences. Offering discounts and special deals to the first 50 people who retweet for example is also a fantastic idea or ask people to post pictures of themselves in store.

2. Optimise your bio
Your company voice and identity need to be branded well and look consistent. Tell people who you are in your bio and include a link to your website. Be clear so people immediately understand what you do.

3. Interactions
Interact with customers, influencers and experts in your target areas on a regular basis. Follow like-minded people and search for keywords related to your industry in order to find these. Set up a private Twitter list to keep track of these. HootSuite can also be a valuable tool and make this process much easier. Be casual and helpful, rather than shoving promotions in peoples faces all the time. Build a network and look for collaborations.

4. Tweet often
Tweet on a daily basis, or even several times a day, to make sure you look active. Otherwise people will forget you and your business won’t look busy or exciting. Update your customers on news, new products and special offers. Encourage interactions as much as you can. Use images and videos to make your tweets stand out.

5. Track mentions
Track mentions and keywords so you know what is being said about your brand. Respond in a polite and professional way.

6. Retweet and favourite
Retweet other posts to show your support for similar or relevant brands. Favourite any tweets to get their attention.

7. Follow hashtags
Keep up with the latest trends and follow hashtags then make a link with your brand in some way in order to reach a new audience. Put your business amongst the trending topics to make it stand out. Do not overuse hashtags in case they are seen as spam or look desperate. Less is more!

8. Promoted tweets
Use promoted tweets to reach a greater audience and target the right market to make the biggest impact for your money. Integrate this campaign with your other social media and marketing techniques to make the best out of it. Use analytics to find out how well you are doing and where to improve in the future. This will help you determine what has been the most popular type of content, time of day to post and so on.

Twitter Has Taken Internet Marketing To A New Level

More and more companies are looking for ways to market their products and services on the internet. Social media and networking sites are growing in popularity and so are the advertisements that are found on them. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has become the new media for companies who are engaging in social media marketing. Social media marketing is doubling the impact regular advertising has and helping many companies reduce their marketing costs. Those companies utilizing Twitter to reach out and touch someone also recognize the media’s potential in reaching new customers. With a touch of search engine optimization added, tweets are helping companies that use Twitter get better exposure and are driving traffic home.
It remains to be seen just how long Twitter is going to remain a viable marketing tool. The social media site has grown so big so fast that industry pundits have to question if it is just a fad or something that will stick around. While many still think it is just a personal interaction tool, companies are researching the amount of Twitter use that is really going on. 90% of tweets are posted by the top 10% of users as compared to other social networking sites. These same 10% on other sites only post about 30% of the content.
What does this mean for businesses that want to use Twitter? It means that Twitter is an open platform for companies who want to find their potential customers. They can do that by simply starting a tweet and seeing how people respond. Once they get a discussion going they can start to reach out to those tweeting back. Twitter is a much underutilized business tool that is waiting to add a new dimension to businesses. It’s only a matter of time. Broadplace Advertising having expertise having well established as PPC and SEO Company has well formulated SMO services offering.
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