Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) a Magic?

With all that talk about “Black Hat / White Hat” , Back links, Canonical links, Link Juice …..and many tech-ish terms used by SEO Company ; the normal folks may think that these SEO consultants are magicians who do some tricks to get a site ranking very high on the decided terms. So , Is SEO a magic? Is it an art ?Is it a way to “Fool” search engines (Google 😉  )? I feel its none of all that ; It’s a discipline and  a way of  research to continuously understand the search engine requirements. So, does it mean that its all about representing website the way search engines prefer. Again , a Big NO. One has to understand and accept that search engines want to rank good sites to the person who is searching for the specific keywords. Thus , first step is to convince the website owner that the website should be useful and genuine for the intended visitors. Sometime , SEO professionals get questions asked regarding “how quick will you get us on page 1?” . The answer may be that as quick as that the site is truly and genuinely good content and structured well. If that happens most of the battle is won.
Again getting back to what is SEO and what it needs to be a good SEO Company. I would not touch upon the classical answers and splitting the whole work into “On Page” , “Off Page” and Link building etc. I thinks its documented well all across web and one can easily find the material about the same.
I think most important factors needed to be a good SEO consultant is to have following main characteristics :

  • Pattern Recognition Skills

What exactly is that? One needs to correlate the action and reaction sequence as well as have a definitive patterns identified and produce. You may like to solve some pattern recognition questions as well as work out a few exercise as much as you can!!!

  • Discipline to set up controlled experiments Document readings and Analyse the data

This is indeed very difficult since a good SEO consultant will always be busy and the first thing which gets curtailed is the experiment set up. Please don’t do that; have a dedicated time to set the experiments and take the readings. Check all those theories  that you were thinking

  • Patience

All will agree. Sometimes its so frustrating that we do all the right things and rankings don’t improve… Patience is the mantra.. Have patience and you will definitely get good results.

  • Passion to discover and rediscover

SEO is all about passion; how otherwise you will be getting back again and again and again to set / reset ; form / un-form your thinking and learning about how search engines react.

  • Humble to accept new changes

No matter how great an SEO Consultant you may be; there will always be someone else who will know something that you don’t k now. There will always be situations where your earlier thinking about a particular hypothesis is wrong or may be search engine algo has changed. If you are open to accept the changes and humble people will share their ideas with you and in process you will collectively enhance your SEO Skills.

I  hope you likes this post and we would love to hear from you regarding your experiences in SEO

Are Duplicates Penalised in SEO?

Many people who have been trying to use SEO for a long time or even those who have been attempting to use it for their site for just a short time have heard that “duplicate content penalty” occurs when you have duplicate content.  This simply is not true.  It’s not going to rank you down, but it won’t increase your standings either.  This is the internet, and that’s going to happen sometimes, and it’s expected and normal.  There is no wrath to be endured if Google finds out you have some on your site.  However, if it is duplicate information, Google will skip some of it.
The reason that duplicates are filtered out is that if someone is looking for top 5 tips to growing green grass, and they find 5 search pages full of the same text, the search engine has failed and the user will use another one.  The penalties we so often hear about are for spammers, not legitimate websites.  Most of the time, the people who have gotten caught and actually penalized know what they did.  If they don’t, then they need to wise up.  Basically, when we are talking about getting organic SEO results, you need a human involved.  So if you are a human and you’re not spamming, you should be okay.
Reprinting articles is another area where many people see that duplication and SEO are a problem together.  Search engines don’t have a problem with that.  If it is good for your website visitors, by all means, do it.  Now, where duplicates can become an issue that you will have to deal with is when there are a lot of URLs, but those pages have the same content.  WordPress blogs are known to have problems in this area due to their configuration.  Search engines don’t penalize you for this either, but again, you might get filtered out.
In Summary, SEO penalties for duplicate content generally don’t truly exist.  Many times, a search engine will filter out irrelevant and duplicated content for the sake of the searcher who is trying to find specific information.  Using unique and innovative content is a good way to know you don’t have to worry about being filtered out, but if that is not your objective or goal, then you don’t need to worry about it.  Search engine optimization is a great way to get good placement when you are using unique content or you’re not the one being filtered.  However, penalties generally should not be an issue for you.
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