9 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Keeping the right mix of SEO combination together can be a bit of a balancing game.  However, if you keep a few SEO tips in mind of what not to do, it might help you.  So today we are going to review the 9 most common SEO mistakes, so you cannot do these things and save yourself a ton of headache.  The first mistake you will want to avoid is not focusing solely on using the right keyword phrases on your site.  You want to build a balanced SEO project, and that includes backlinking, which will help your site gain popularity alongside with relevance. Your SEO Services Company will be able to help you regarding this
The 2nd most common of all SEO mistakes is to make sure you do use relevance and importance.  Make sure you do have SEO on your page and that you do have backlinks too.  Mistake #3 involves focusing too much on your homepage.  You can make a great home page, but if you don’t put anything into the other pages, you are selling yourself short. Use various keywords on different pages, and build backlinks to them all.  The fourth thing you can do to mess up your SEO campaign is to use single keywords rather than phrases. Sure, the single keywords will get you lots of eyeballs, but will it help your company reach their goals by getting the right eyeballs?
You simply cannot avoid the statistics and analytics. Doing so is mistake #5.  Check out the analytics and change what needs changing!   Among the list of top SEO mistakes is #6, which is obsession of analytics.  You don’t want to ignore them, but don’t make them your everything.  Mistake #7 is to be afraid to change anything because things are going well.  First of all, let’s make clear that SEO is based on a set of proven rules.  Secondly, fresh page content is going to catch the attention of search engines way more than pages that have not been updated.  The eighth mistake is to not allow your new little plant a little time to grow.   Yes, SEO works like a plant.  It needs a little time to get going.
The final and most powerful thing we can tell you about the top mistakes is #9.  Don’t read too many articles and blogs about SEO!  It’s good to learn, but many people fall into a trap of following every tip ever gave to them, and it is impossible to earn some internet consistency this way.  Try things, and see if they work!  Read sometimes, but don’t be obsessed about it. Hopefully these 9 SEO mistakes to avoid will help you in growing your traffic and business.
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Are Duplicates Penalised in SEO?

Many people who have been trying to use SEO for a long time or even those who have been attempting to use it for their site for just a short time have heard that “duplicate content penalty” occurs when you have duplicate content.  This simply is not true.  It’s not going to rank you down, but it won’t increase your standings either.  This is the internet, and that’s going to happen sometimes, and it’s expected and normal.  There is no wrath to be endured if Google finds out you have some on your site.  However, if it is duplicate information, Google will skip some of it.
The reason that duplicates are filtered out is that if someone is looking for top 5 tips to growing green grass, and they find 5 search pages full of the same text, the search engine has failed and the user will use another one.  The penalties we so often hear about are for spammers, not legitimate websites.  Most of the time, the people who have gotten caught and actually penalized know what they did.  If they don’t, then they need to wise up.  Basically, when we are talking about getting organic SEO results, you need a human involved.  So if you are a human and you’re not spamming, you should be okay.
Reprinting articles is another area where many people see that duplication and SEO are a problem together.  Search engines don’t have a problem with that.  If it is good for your website visitors, by all means, do it.  Now, where duplicates can become an issue that you will have to deal with is when there are a lot of URLs, but those pages have the same content.  WordPress blogs are known to have problems in this area due to their configuration.  Search engines don’t penalize you for this either, but again, you might get filtered out.
In Summary, SEO penalties for duplicate content generally don’t truly exist.  Many times, a search engine will filter out irrelevant and duplicated content for the sake of the searcher who is trying to find specific information.  Using unique and innovative content is a good way to know you don’t have to worry about being filtered out, but if that is not your objective or goal, then you don’t need to worry about it.  Search engine optimization is a great way to get good placement when you are using unique content or you’re not the one being filtered.  However, penalties generally should not be an issue for you.
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How to Check Up on Your SEO Campaign?

Choosing the right keywords to use SEO, or search engine optimization, is incredibly important.  Choosing the right keywords and phrases can help you find the people who are looking for you, and direct them to your website.  There are 5 things you will need to understand to grasp this information, and they are brainstorming, surveying customers, applying data, term selection, and performance analytics.  These five parts of the process will help you identify what you’re doing right or wrong, and where you can improve.
Brainstorming is an important step in selecting the right SEO key phrases or words.  When doing search engine optimisation, use brainstorming.  It seems elementary, and perhaps it is, but it is also such an integral point that many people overlook its simple power.  This step is so important in any idea-centric work.  This involves sitting down and really thinking through your customer’s point of view. Consider why they are looking for your product or service.  What are they going to search for?  Surveying customers that are currently buying from you or who have bought from you in the past is another good way to get ideas.
There are some tools you can use online for finding data on what is working and what is not working.  You can find out how many times certain keywords or key phrases are searched, and other facts in this same category.  Word tracker and Overture are two that are frequently used by those working on SEO and SEO Agency.  Create a chart next.  On this chart, you want to list out all of the keywords you are using, traffic, conversion rates, and relevancy.  Then choose terms that will work for you.  Finally, using a performance analytics program can help save you time in configuring and understanding your traffic, targeting, conversions, and other activity.
Using SEO is a great way to drive traffic and potential business to your website. Without it, your site might become buried under the billions of pages on the internet.  However, if you don’t go and look at how well what you are using is performing, or is not performing, you will be missing out on a big screen shot of how well it is actually working.  Check out the keywords and key phrases that are working for your business, and make sure you know which ones are not!  Hopefully, this quick list will help you effectively use search engine optimization for your website.
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SEO – What Makes Good SEO Company?

There are some things that are needed to make a search engine optimisation (SEO) companies work well.  The first of these is a project manager.  One person needs to be in charge of the project and be the main person who makes all final calls and decisions on the matter.   One person has to be in charge of the search engine optimization as it relates to algorithms and marketing.  Using page content and keywords to create the best possible search engine results, this person is an important crew member.
A good copywriter is an integral part of an SEO team.  The copy on the page makes all the difference when it comes down to the real search engine results.  This person has to make good words flow together as well as keeping the keyword focus good and making it all work together. Using PPC as part of your search engine optimization plan is a good choice too. Having a good balance between keyworded copy and some PPC is helpful.  You can use PPC to measure and track your progress of optimization.
Next, let’s take a look at viral marketing.  Honestly, viral marketing has become such an important part of SEO campaigning, it’s hard to imagine the world without viral.  Backlinks are often created as a result of viral marketing. One other important team member here is someone who can break down and analyze the functionality and success of these efforts.   The optimized web pages must stay consistently strong in order to get the visitor to stay and to use the website as intended.  Focus on usability will increase conversion rates.
Web design is also important when using SEO Services, because even if the content is good, if it’s really awful-looking, nobody is going to stay. It sounds very superficial, but it’s the truth.  A programmer is a good person to make sure that all of the efforts in applications and viral marketing for a website are high quality.  Not each of these positions must be done by a human, and not each of them must be done by a different, unique human.  Sometimes, these jobs overlap, depending on the size and goals of the company.  However, within a larger company, there might be teams of each.  It really depends on the search engine optimization company’s goals and where they are going, as well as what type of business the SEO company is currently doing.
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