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Yahoo Blog is putting up some of their good blog posts again. In March 2009 there was a good blog post: 5 things you should tidy up to improve account performance
YSM Blog post talked about 5 suggestions to keep the PPC Campaign clean and tidy. The suggestions are as follows:
Account Structure:

The PPC Campaign Account structure should be inspired by the web site structure. Have the campaigns separated as per the categories / service areas that you work in. It also helps to have a clean structure while creating and maintaining the account. These campaigns then can be further spit in adgroups depending upon further classification of the specifics of that campaign / catgory. This again can be replicated as per the website structure. We at Broadplace can also suggest having the adgroups grouping very specific to the seed keywords that you are targeting.

Limited Keywords in Your PPC Campaign:

So very true. Huge list of Keywords doesn’t mean that you get huge number of relevant visitors. Spend good amount of time researching the keywords and have very relevant keywords in your PPC adgroups Yahoo recommended limiting ad groups to no more than 50 keywords to keep them tight and easy to manage.
Site Relevance:

Only bid on keywords that are related to your site’s products or services. It’s very easy to fall prey to remotely related keywords. Please avoid the temptations and make sure that your pay per click campaign has very relevant keywords. If this rule is not followed; you’ll wind up spending money paying for clicks from users who won’t be buying from you, because you aren’t selling what they’re looking for. You may also anger what could be a potential future customer, which is never a good idea.

Ad Quality:

Though this sounds obvious but check for proper spelling / Grammar, punctuation marks. Also make sure that the PPC campaign advert talks about the product / service which represent the Keyword as well as makes it interesting for the visitor. The USP has to be mentioned in crispy manner.

Duplicate keywords:

Putting the same keyword into multiple ad groups is permitted; but do this judiciously. Don’t make the duplicate keywords compete with each other. I would suggest to use if very very carefully. In case of doubt; please avoid duplicate keywords.

It also helps by having a good PPC Campaign management since it increases ROI of your Online Advertising Budget.

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