PPC Optimisation Tips – Part 2

PPC Optimisation Tips Part 2 is sequel to the previous post “PPC Optimisation Tips” . There are some queries as well as suggestions thus I thought of adding a few more tips in this post
PPC Optimisation Tips to reduce Cost Per Click
1.    Check the landing page relevance. Make sure that the landing page is very relevant to the keyword. It will also help to have (Not excessive) but some repetition of the keyword on the landing page
2.    Group the keywords on adgroups well. Have more adgroups instead of a few and too many keywords stuffed in one adgroup. This will help improve quality score and thus reduction in Avg CPC
3.    You may like to increase the bid (be careful about this and track it well). This will improve the average position and improve CTR in turn helping quality score
4.    Have a very appealing ad copy!!!! It helps a lot > have the copy action oriented. You may like to test a few versions though
PPC Optimisation Tips for Right Keywords
1.    I had mentioned about the tools earlier but you may like to use opportunity as well as search query report well
2.    There is a good segment tool which will allow you to analyse the keywords on different parameters. It will give you ideas
As usual; we will be happy to hear more from you.

PPC Optimisation Tips

PPC Optimisation Tips covers some of the quick tips here. The PPC Optimisation is a vast subject and it takes a lots of training / experimentation as well as experience to get to a good PPC Optimisation expert. I though we can just list a few quick help tips in this blog post   . I hope it helps the PPC Advertisers as PPC Consultants
Problem: Low number of Clicks:
1.    Check the budget. If you are getting a good ROI then it may be worth increasing the budget. You may like to use Location targeting / ad scheduling to utilise your PPC Budget prudently
2.    Sort on the impressions  (High on top) and check whether the important keywords have low Average Position. Increase the bids for the important keywords
3.    Use Keyword tool (Google Adwords / wordtracker / Opportunity ….) too add relevant keywords
PPC Optimisation Tips and remedy for  Low Click-Through Rate (CTR)
1.    Test various adverts. Check why some are doing well and some are not
2.    Dynamic text may be helpful but use it properly
3.    Make adgroups very focused. Do not stuff up too many keywords as well keywords which may not be similar in one adgroup
4.    Make ads very relevant to the keyword. You may like to mention the related keyword in the ad copy.
5.    Use relevant destination url for the keyword (It helps in improving Quality Score as well as it helps conversion as well as  ROI too)
6.    Check for Match types. Run the Search query and decide on the negative Keywords too
PPC Optimisation Tips  and help to take care of High Cost-Per-Click / Low Return-on-Investment (ROI)
1.    Check the landing page URL (loading / relevancy ) as well as use tools to find out which parts / components are being clicked.
2.    Think Conversion. Users need to have a very quick view of what they should be doing (A buy button right at the bottom of the page and not in the first fold is just a strict No No)
3.    Sort on Clicks and find out whether your budget is getting wasted on not relevant keywords (as per your business profile)
4.    Run search query and add negatives
5.    Implement Conversion tracking and analyze what is converting and why .. (Please do not rely too much on the number if you also get phone calls)
6.    Set daily budget limits and use the budget in right geography and time duration. Now , it’s possible to use demographics also. Please use that too
7.    You may like to user remarketing (Google feature for display)
I hope above PPC Optimisation tips are helpful. Please drop in comments if you want to add / negate or just get in touch with us.
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