Microsoft Advertising Reaches New Markets

Broadplace Advertising has been awarded the Elite Channel Partner status by Microsoft Advertising – we are now one of only three elite partners in the United Kingdom! As a Microsoft Advertising Partner in this group, we have high capabilities and passion to drive success. Elite Channel Partners like us get superior access to new Microsoft products and services, through exclusive access to: training, marketing and technology.

Speaking of the Elite Channel Partnership, Ajay Syal said,

“We are delighted to have been accredited with Bing Elite Channel Partner status which demonstrates our belief and commitment to Bing Ads. We are confident that with the additional support from Microsoft we will be able to further fuel this growth. The initial signs from Q1 2019 are definitely telling us we are heading in the right direction.”

April 2019

In April 2019, one of our team leads, Michal Wielechowski, visited Microsoft’s ‘Bing Discover Days’ event in Dublin, with our Managing Director, Ajay Syal. The two day conference offered a unique opportunity to network and meet senior Microsoft leaders.

Later in April, we discovered that Bing Ads was changing to Microsoft Advertising. Rik van der Kooi, corporate vice-president for Microsoft Advertising said:

“In the next year, we’re introducing more advertising products with built-in AI, more connected to your data and your business”. (Search Engine Land)

We are excited about how the brand is further developing it’s access to wider networks – such as Outlook and LinkedIn! As a result of these changes, we will be able to offer our paid search clients additional benefits.

May 2019

In May, our Managing Director, Ajay Syal, and Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Chugh, visited the Microsoft Advertising summit in Seattle. Ajay and Rohit came away with an award for top EMEA growth partner! The award represented the substantial growth of our Bing Ads spend and product adoption in 2018. In November 2018, Microsoft was given the title of the world’s most valuable company.

“Microsoft had overtaken Apple to become the world’s most valuable company, a stunning climax in a year that also saw it pass Amazon and Google’s Alphabet Inc.” (Bloomberg)

Consequently, we have recently noticed Bing catching up with our Google accounts! Our customers are beginning to see the value of Bing’s search audience.

“According to Bing, half of the users on their audience network are married or living with a domestic partner” and “40% of the network is between 35-54 years old.”(AdEspresso)

The above demographic is a group that our clients are keen to tap into and we’re happy to support them in that journey! Want to find out more about how you can make use of the Microsoft Advertising network? Call us today on:  020 7993 9853

Search Advertising Importance in 2018

Search advertising is a useful tool for any business. Placings ads on search engine result pages for a small fee every time a web surfer clicks on their ads can be very powerful. These pay per click campaigns show a lot about intent of potential buyers when searching for products and services on Google and other search engines. Advertisers can bid on keywords so their ads are displayed when people search for what they sell. This means you can reach a targeted market and improve the chances of making a sale.

Implementing a paid search advertising campaign in the right way is vital to success. Use our top tips to do this and push your business forward this year.

Search Advertising
Search Advertising

Create a logical account structure

Organise your search ads in a logical way in order to optimise success. You may want to have two different campaigns going live at the same time for example, and within those, different ad groups and keywords.
Research your keywords

Be sure to bid on the right keywords so your ads are displayed in front of the most interested audiences who are likely to make a purchase with you. You can use free keyword tools to assist with this.

Quality ads are key

Create relevant and creative search ads for maximum success. This will earn you a good Quality Score and lower CPCs. Use emotional language to peak a consumer’s interest. Think from your customer’s perspective about what they would want to see. Describe your value proposition and integrate a call to action.

Including prices and promotions is a good idea. The more information, the better, as they’ll be more likely to buy if they know all the details upfront before clicking. This means you will save money. A strong call to action is advised – use phrases such as ‘sign up, ‘get a quote’, ‘call today’, ‘purchase’ or ‘browse’ to encourage users to click. Be sure to include one of your keywords in your ad text. Locate the best performing one and use this, particularly in the title. This shows the user that the ad is related to their search and they will see it straight away.

Choose the best destination URL and review the site you’re advertising so users can find what they are looking for as soon as they land on the page. Otherwise, they will get frustrated or confused and leave the site, losing you a potential sale. Make sure any promotions and products in the ad are clearly visible on your landing page as well.


Set a budget and define how much you want to spend. Use methods such as geo-targeting to show search ads in specific locations or departing to show ads during business hours in order to avoid wasting money when in front of irrelevant audiences.

Ongoing optimisation

Check back on your campaign on a regular basis and review performance to make any changes so its more effective in the future. You can beat the competitions and rise to the top if you do this often.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Require Web Content With Wow Factor

Content writing plays a vital part in any successful digital marketing campaign. Anyone can write content for their website, but gaining interest from your readers is key to business success. Adding the wow factor to your blogs and web pages can be done via a number of strategies. Follow these tops tips to improve your content or contact our team at Broadplace for professional, personalised advice on how to move your business forward.
Digital Marketing
Write for your audience
Make sure you write for your audience and provide interesting content that they will actually want to read. Use appropriate language for your target market. Make your posts relevant, clear and concise and don’t waffle on. Inform them through your expert knowledge or advice, or inspire them to make a positive change in their lives by sharing your own experiences. Try adding some humour to make your readers laugh.
Check punctuation and grammar
Be sure to check your punctuation and grammar are on point. Proofread everything or hire someone to do this for you. Looking over posts with a fresh pair of eyes can sometimes be helpful in case you have missed any mistakes.
Incorporating interesting titles and subheadings into your content helps to break up big chunks of writing and make it easier to read. It also allows your audience to skip to certain areas if they do not have time to read the whole page. Lists or bullet points can also be useful where appropriate.
Add visual content
Add images and videos to your written content to break up large paragraphs of text and to gain better interest from your readers. People like to engage with visual content more than reading pages and pages of text. It also improves the overall aesthetics of the page.
Encourage interaction
Encourage your audience to interact with you after reading your posts. Ask them a question or let them know you would like to hear about their own personal experiences on the topic. Add a comments box below any blog posts. You could also add a competition or ask them share your blog on their social networks. Word of mouth and online promotions are key to gaining new followers or customers. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can play a huge part in the success of any digital marketing campaign.
Link to other websites
Link to any other interesting websites within your content to improve SEO digital marketing and to provide additional information to your reader. Obviously avoid linking to any competitors. Only include links to websites that are trusted sources of information. Try to ensure that these links open up into a new tab so the reader still stays on your website. You don’t want to drive any potential customers elsewhere!

Effective Video Advertising Tips For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The Video Advertising Trend

Video advertising is constantly growing in popularity. It has become an integral part of digital marketing campaigns for many businesses. This is due to it being an effective advertising strategy to increase interest and engagement from consumers on the web. It is a strong technique for targeting both desktop and mobile internet surfers. It allows brands to add their creative flair to their campaigns. The increasing need for video consumption has led to more companies creating regular video content for their audiences.
Digital marketing

Top Tips For Your Video Advertising Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Include a CTA – All video ads should include a call-to-action. This could be a hashtag, button or URL to increase brand recommendation and purchases. Engage and interact with your audience. Give them a reason to click through to your business from the ad. A coupon, competition or special offer can also be effective. The CTA is best included at the end of a video.
2. Consider the ad tone – Different ad tones can serve different goals. Adjust your tone depending on your audience and expectations. Comical ads are effective in getting consumers to familiarise themselves with a brand. International ads can be ideal for increasing purchases. Dramatic vibes are ideal for increasing a company’s affinity conversion.
3. 15 seconds! – The optimal length of a video ad is approx 15 seconds. It’s not too long and not too short and can boost purchase intent. No wonder Instagram has stuck to this popular time limit.

Grab their attention straight away

The start of your video is particularly critical. Make the first few seconds count. Grab their attention straight away with something that will spark consumer interest. People don’t always have time to watch lengthy videos, so keep it short and sweet!
4. Personalise the video – Include images of yourself, your team or your customers. Client testimonials can be a great addition. Show a consumer using your product or service. Make your content relevant and up to date. Show your audience why they should purchase with you. Make your digital marketing campaign count.
5. Highlight your selling points – Why is your brand unique and better than others? Tell your audience within the video! This is your time to shine. Share your achievements and showcase your track record. Positive feedback and benefits of your products or services should be included.
6. Choose a platform – When you have finished producing and editing your video, choose the right platforms to promote it. Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook are the most popular and reliable options. Why not use all 3 to reach the widest possible audience? You can even sync your posts to save extra time.
7. Quality is important – The videos need to be high quality. They reflect the reputation of your brand and give your consumers a perception of your products and services. Keep them engaged and impressed with quality content on a regular basis.
8. Think outside of the box – The market is tough and competitors will strive for the biggest share of consumers. You need to make your content stand out against your rivals. Do this by thinking outside of the box. This can include unique offers, funny storylines or an impressive and creative idea.

Making A Comeback From Negative Online Customer Reviews To Improve SEO

Customer reviews can form an integral part of any strong digital marketing campaign for your business. According to surveys, 88% of customers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a company before going ahead with a purchase. This can have a massive impact on the success of a business. 85% of consumers are satisfied once having read up to 10 reviews.
These listings are also important for SEO purposes and help to build the ranking of your website in search engine results. This means an increase in sales opportunities. Inviting customers to leave feedback on your products or services will enable others to find out more information and allow them to place trust in you before making a transaction. Word-of-mouth is still a very strong method of recommending a local business to someone. With increasing popularity of social media and review websites however, online reviews are creeping up in importance.
Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid receiving negative feedback on a review site. How you react to this will make or break your reputation and can affect your SEO. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you make a comeback from any negative reviews.

Top Tips

1. Be positive – Reply to any reviews in a calm and positive manner and avoid making accusations. New customers will notice that you are taking criticism on board in order to make further improvements to your business. This will ultimately swing in your favour. It is best not to ignore the review as you can put your side across in the right way. This will keep your reputation in tact and also show that you care about your customers’ concerns.
2. Offer a solution – If a customer isn’t happy with their purchase, be sure to leave your contact details so they can speak with you in private. You can then offer them a solution such as a refund or a free voucher if you feel this would resolve the relationship.
3. Avoid fake reviews – Don’t use a service that invites people to leave fake reviews. This will be obvious to most consumers and will automatically decrease their trust in your business. Having some neutral or negative reviews may even be beneficial. Afterall, no business is perfect and it would look too good to be true with 100% glowing feedback. It will also give you the chance for your customer care skills to shine through when responding to unhappy customers. This is an important consideration for many consumers when placing an order.
4. Use social media and review sites to your advantage to boost the reputation and rankings of your business on the web. It is important to remember that in any industry, you will never make everyone happy. Don’t get disheartened by any negative comments.

How To Get Through Blue Monday in Digital Marketing

How To Get Through Blue Monday In Digital Marketing
Quite simply, it’s the most depressing day of the year. But let’s not dwell on Blue Monday too much and look forward to all the exciting developments that we have to expect in 2017. Let’s indulge in some inspirational (but not at all vomit-inducing, promise) quotes from experts in digital marketing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Dive Into Projects This Year…

Digital Marketing Blue Monday

Remember That What You’re Doing Counts…

You Could Really Make Someone Think With What You’re Doing Today…

A Quick Rethink On The Way You’re Working Could Mean A Great Deal Of Success…

But Before You Embark On Your Big Project Today, Stop And Think….

Get More From Your Video Content…

Predictions For The Hottest Trends in 2017…

And above all remember, you’re in a growth industry…

Digital Marketing Blue Monday

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Turning Insight into Action

Broadplace recently attended the Google Premier SMB Partner conference. One of the key objectives outlined by Todd Rowe (Managing Director – Google Channel Sales) at the event was that each attendee would have at least one key takeaway from the conference.
With so many valuable sessions taking place, we as an agency wanted to not only share our key thoughts and takeaways with the wider community and customers, but also hold ourselves accountable for turning these insights into action points.
After all, in an industry where we believe that tracking, measuring and optimising are crucial to improving performance – we want to prove, and apply that methodology to our internal strategies as well.
Google SMB Premier Partner

My Top 3 TakeAways


Treat Customer Satisfaction as a Product 

Whilst we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in the panel of exceptional customer service results, we were enthused by the idea of key Googlers who believed in treating customer satisfaction as a product, constantly requiring review and iteration.
Happiness and satisfaction are never static, and are subject to other emotional reference points so we need to learn to not be satisfied with our best in class customer service results either, coming up with new products and ways to measure and improve our clients happiness.
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
In addition to our multiple customer feedback mechanisms we conducted some focus groups with account managers to find out how we could make these satisfaction tools more actionable and useful internally as well, with a question, “How can we improve this product?”.
Our Account Management team felt that by displaying our customer satisfaction in a live view on dashboards around the office they would be motivated by positive feedback and also close the loop and reduce response times to neutral or negative feedback.
Insight into Action
The Result
These product improvements, in combination with many other initiatives, have meant that we’re heading into a record breaking month for customer retention, feedback, referrals and success!


We define every aspect of digital!

Jeff Folckemer gave an influential return speech in which he highlighted how he wants Hearst Newspapers to be the front of all digital and Google products for clients, not just paid advertising products.
Google SMB Premier Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We took a step back and looked at where we stood on adoption of free digital products such as Google My Business map listings and decided that although customers can and should update their own listings for free…that we should lead, by analysing our adoption rates we realised that we needed to own this product more for our customers (completely free of charge) to be recognised and valued as experts on their business.
Taking the extra 5 minutes to help a client get seen on Google Maps really gets us under our clients skin and understand how their business looks from the street, typing in their phone number reminds us how important each call is and uploading their logo brings us closer to the identity that business wants to convey.
The Results
Through adding this as a focus for our existing customers and, including this service as standard for all new customers we’ve managed to push our Google My Business adoption rates up to over 60% and bring extra value to all our customers – all completely free to them!


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

A common theme across all the sessions was that our sales process and services should be easy to follow for customers and our consultants, back to front or side to side! By understanding every single rule and situation, our team are better equipped to go the extra mile when making an exception, creating a custom solution, or dealing with a one in a billion business like yours!
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We’ve been busy on our sales solution front, moving to a completely new CRM to give us valuable customer insight to help match each business with a solution that suits them. Improving our call monitoring to ensure our teams have the best training and resources, and building a newtool ready for launch this week which will allow any business to quickly, simply and clearly create a digital marketing plan of their own!
The Results
These new techniques have allowed our newest digital consultants to bring record numbers of customers online this month, opting them into more custom services than ever before, and with the quickest build and launch times we’ve ever had!


Blogging, a Key Marketing Tool that needs to follow Continuity

The online media is evolving a rapid pace no doubts about this fact .There are numerous businesses flourishing online and each one of them has its own marketing strategy. Paid marketing efforts will vary because of the budget constraints but there are non paid forms of marketing activities as well that you can incorporate; blogging is one of them.
Creating a blog is simple and can help boost marketing in a big way, the golden rule that needs to be followed is continuity. A blog can be edited and updated without any hassles, adding relevant content on blogs regularly will keep your visitors hooked on to you. Once they have visited your blog and notice that you update it frequently with information that is useful to them, they are sure to keep coming back to you. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the continuity of content on your blog
Make a list of Information you can write on: Your blog will give out information related to your business, the information you provide your visitors will be on the similar lines. You can segregate the content and then start working on it. For instance, you can constantly update details about any new product or service you have recently included, you can also interview an industry expert even opinion and reviews from your customers will be of high impact. Once you have decided the type of content you will post on your blog, the task becomes easy. Just make sure the content is relevant to the readers who will visit your blog.
Plan the interval time of your posts: Blogging does not end by just creating a blog and posting content in bulk once and then forgetting about it. You need to be active on your blog. You can choose to update your blog with content daily, weekly or even hourly. Decide a fixed interval time and follow it, for instance if you decide to add a post to your blog daily then fulfill the same.
Keep yourself Updated: In order to update the content on your blog you first need to have information yourself. Whether through news or reading expert interviews and views, any detail that you feel is related to your business and many more need to know you can use to post on your blog. You can write it in a style that would inform as well as engage your blog visitors. So gather sources from where you can get to know about the latest trends and news in your industry and then become a source of information to your visitors.
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Google Adwords – Marketing Using Google Adwords

There is a lot of buzz and hype out there about Google Adwords and Adsense programs.  It is for a very good reason, too!  There are a lot of people getting people onto their website effectively using this program, but getting the program to work effectively for you is a huge topic among web promoters.  Since every website, promotion company, PPC Agency is different, which ones will work for who may vary.  Here, we’ll review some tips on how to get Adwords by Google to work for your business.  These can help you save time, money, and effort when putting your ads together now and in the future.
One of the first things you can do while considering how to place your Google Adwords Management is to think about the perspective your customers and other possible website viewers might have which is different than yours.  What types of search phrases are they going to be using?  Make sure your landing page is relevant, and most importantly, helpful!  Use tons of “negative” keywords, which will exclude the people you do not want.  For example, if you use the word “free” to keep the people who search the word free out of your results.
Now, there are a number of big time savers that you can use to help put more words in for the same or less money.  One tip that many advertisers avail themselves of is to use the ampersand, the ‘&’ symbol, instead of the word “and”.  Using the Adwords editor can be helpful too. This will help when copying and pasting campaigns.  If a keyword gets no impressions after 2 months, ditch it! Use abbreviations when possible.  As time goes by, you can also check out reports on Google Adwords to see how your keywords are doing. Also, consider just using some common sense and look at your numbers.  A good PPC Services Company can really help you set your campaign well
Hopefully, these tips on how to get Google Adwords to work better for you will help you if you are just starting out or if you are an old veteran at it.  Using Google Adwords is a great way to promote your website and get more business.  Using tips on keyword use, cutting down on characters for maximizing your keyword, and other tips will help you as you grow your revenue and business overall.  Marketing with Adwords is a great tool, and if you use it correctly, you will benefit greatly from using it.
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