VIDEO: Google, Mercedes Benz Retail Group & Broadplace


We are extremely proud of our work with client Mercedes Benz Retail Group. And Google were pleased enough to document our working relationship with MBRG in a video. Featuring Broadplace’s very own Ella Cicero, who heads up the MBRG account for us, Broadplace Managing Director Ajay Syal and MBRG Marketing Manager Liz Luesley.

Broadplace worked with Mercedes-Benz Retail Group to construct a digital strategy centered on a ‘360 customer view’- focusing on supporting and influencing customers throughout key moments during the pre-purchase digital research phase.

Broadplace worked with Mercedes-Benz Retail Group to construct a digital strategy centered on a ‘360 customer view’- focusing on supporting and influencing customers throughout key moments during the pre-purchase digital research phase.

As their appointed digital agency, Broadplace were crucial in the planning, creation and execution stages of their online advertising campaigns. As leaders and authorities in the digital marketing space, Broadplace also ensured strong collaboration from other stakeholders such as Google, Facebook & Bing. The overall marketing campaigns were also supported by a new and talented marketing team at Mercedes-Benz Retail Group with specific, “digital-first” hires managing and supporting social channels paired with website management.

We decided upon a media strategy which focused on supporting and influencing customers at specific “moments” during MBRG’s buying cycle. Examples of these moments included:

  • “Which car is best?”
  • “Is it right for me?”
  • “Can I afford it?”
  • “Where should I buy it?”
  • “Am I getting a great experience?”


The overall results of the campaign were frankly astonishing, we had set very high targets and these were by far exceeded” – Liz Luesley, Marketing Manager, Mercedes Benz Retail Group

The tremendous success didn’t go unnoticed, with the campaign receiving a Highly Commended award at AM 2018, for best digital campaign. Our work with MBRG has alsowon a Wirehive100 Award for best Performance Campaign.

To read the entire case study and see the results that we achieved for Mercedes-Benz Retail Group click here.

Digital Marketing Agency Case Study – Mercedes

The Mercedes Sandown Group required a digital marketing agency who knew how to adapt and work collaboratively to achieve goals and get ahead of the competition.


Sandown Group has over 30 years’ experience in selling and servicing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Sandown Group has showrooms in Guildford, Basingstoke, Poole, Dorchester, Salisbury & Hindhead. The Group understands that it is not every day that one buys a Mercedes. For that reason, one of Sandown’s key objectives is to ensure its customers have the best customer experience – from search to purchase.

 Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Mercedes

The Challenge

When it came to Paid Search, Mercedes-Benz Sandown Group’s main challenges were to:

  • Gain better clarity and transparency on its AdWords account
  • Increase service levels such as reporting, communication and meetings
  • Grow the number of leads and foot traffic to the multiple locations

Sandown’s previous agency lacked the level of transparency and openness that Broadplace has in its business model. As a result, Sandown was unsure what percentage of investment was actually being spent on AdWords…
Around 50% of investment was being used to promote the business on media spend and the other 50% went towards management fee, which is well above the Broadplace offering. In addition, service levels were not meeting the needs of the Group. Plus, there was limited access to ad spend results.

It quickly became apparent that Broadplace could offer more


  • Increase foot traffic to showrooms
  • Promote online form submissions
  • Increase traffic to, and visibility of, the Sandown Group website
  • Increase media spend
  • Improve service levels

 Digital Marketing Agency Broadplace

Digital Marketing Agency Approach

Through creating the Sandown AdWords account in accordance with the Broadplace model, and applying best practice throughout their campaigns, Sandown Group was able to increase overall efficiency, whilst maximising return on investment. The campaigns promote all Mercedes and smart models using successful methods tested by Broadplace.

Plan of Action

  • Create campaigns using Google’s best practice guidelines
  • By reducing the management costs, increase the media spend budgets
  • Conversion tracking creation:
    • Form Submissions
    • Call tracking through call extensions
  • Link Google My Business to track people getting driving directions & location details to measure footfall
  • Use Customer Match to target customers who have contracts ending – encouraging them to renew through Sandown
  • Special promotions on specific vehicles through Facebook
  • Build partnership through regular meetings and phone calls
  • Ensure Sandown Group are completely aware of where its media spend is being invested
  • Clear, concise and regular reporting showing accurate data with complete visibility on actual AdWords spend (through Broadplace’s own CampaignHub technology)
  • Improved channels of communication with a dedicated Google-qualified Account Manager
  • Inputs and insights provided by collaborative working with Google directly

Broadplace Advertising Digital Marketing Agency
find out more about Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK and Broadplace…

The Results

  • Improved CTR by 50%
  • Click Conversion Rate has increased 214%
  • 75 click to calls, getting location details & driving directions from PPC
  • Budget spent on media increased by 60%
  • Foot traffic sales as a result of paid social advertising

 Digital Marketing Agency Case Study Mercedes

Broadplace/Sandown Group

  • Since working in partnership with Broadplace, traffic and conversions for Sandown have been growing, even in the early stages.
  • Increased budget that has been allocated to Google AdWords has been used more wisely and effectively and we have been very transparent in the areas we are investing the spend.

Broadplace works very closely with Sandown, all information is valuable to our decision-making. Our close partnership ensures we get the best from our proven experience and pedigree as a Google Premier Partner and their expertise as a premium car retailer.
Broadplace currently works with other dealerships in a similar capacity, so our skillset and experience has been easily transferred over to the Sandown account.

Our expertise in Paid Search has proven invaluable in helping Sandown achieve its objectives


How’s It Working Out?

“I have really enjoyed working with Broadplace and from our results to date, I am very confident that our account will just go from strength to strength. All account handlers have a great knowledge and understanding of PPC and everything that encompasses it and I trust their suggestions and feedback which is very important to me” Laura Gibson, Marketing Manager, Sandown Group

Ajay Syal MD Broadplace Advertising

“We are extremely proud to be associated with Sandown Group and Mercedes-Benz and we have taken great pride and passion in our relationship as a result. We knew from the start that our approach would work effectively for Sandown Group and it has been wonderful to witness the positive impact our approach has had on their campaigns” Ajay Syal, Managing Director, Broadplace


“It has been a great experience working with Sandown Group from the offset and we are really excited to see Sandown grow with Broadplace” Akash Raval, Senior Account Manager, Broadplace



Mercedes-Benz is a high-end premium brand. We have worked with Sandown to understand the customer behaviours that lead to a sale. For this reason, bridging the gap between on- and off-line promotion is paramount.
Here at Broadplace, we have used our expertise and knowledge to tailor the Sandown Group AdWords account with the necessary and relevant advanced search features. Thus ensuring that we are seeing WoW growth, along with increased foot traffic to their showrooms. This is continuously monitored and adapted.
As with all our customers, we maintain regular communication with Sandown to keep up to speed with their developments and create bespoke campaigns with great results.

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