Broadplace visits Google Marketing Live


This May, Broadplace was one of a select number of Google Premier Partner agencies to visit California for Google Marketing Live. Our Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Chugh and Managing Director, Ajay Syal represented Broadplace at this invitation-only, annual gathering. The two leaders, joined the world’s most-prominent digital marketers to help our industry’s future.

Simon Joseph, Ajay Syal and Rohit Chugh
Simon Joseph, Ajay Syal and Rohit Chugh

The event gave exclusive access to the latest product innovations from the  relevant teams and leaders at Google. Through 100+ sessions over 3 days, Ajay and Rohit learnt about some really exciting products – believe us when we say ‘watch this space’! Our senior management team found themselves feeling truly inspired by all of the surrounding aspects that affect our wider lives. A key focal point for the event was diversity and inclusion. As an agency, we were also fortunate enough to have a voice on the Partner Executive Council with the senior partners and leadership team at Google.

You can view the keynote and public content from the sessions, here.

Katy Perry at Google Marketing Live
Katy Perry at Google Marketing Live


Despite the hectic but exciting content, it wasn’t all work…! Google even managed to top and tail the event with a welcome reception on-board the Cabernet Sauvignon and luxurious cruise across San Francisco Bay, followed by an exclusive evening party and special performance by…Katy Perry! The performance was specifically for the attendees of Google Marketing Live! Our friends at Google really know how to throw a party…

You can find a good round-up on the key announcements from Google Marketing Live, here.

Google’s Ad Suggestions And How You Will Benefit

Google have rolled out a new ‘recommendations’ feature called Google Ad Suggestions. We asked Broadplace’s Ella Cicero to break down what they are, how they work and how they could help your business…

“Research has shown that ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5% to 15% more clicks or conversions than ad groups with only 1 ad, provided ad rotation has been optimized. The more ads you provide, the more options you’ll have to show the ideal message for each user search.”

So, What Are Google Ads?

Quite simply, Google Ad Suggestions automatically generate ads based on account data and existing ad copy. 

How Will These Affect The Way Advertisers Work?

We take a lot of time and care to deliver the best ads possible for our clients. We take pride in our abilities. But it does take a lot of time. So when Google announced the launch of Ad Suggestions back in April (rolling out now) we were in two minds about how this would affect how we work and the overall quality of ads within the industry. We were delighted at the prospect of freeing up time to test multiple ads for ad groups without having to rewrite each one. Any writer will tell you that to say the same things multiple ways is a challenge.


But What About Letting Google Have Involvement in Our Ads?

Well, they are only suggestions. Read on for instructions on how to disable them. But we think you’ll want to use them…

Why Are Google Introducing These?

In terms of the industry, it should improve things – Google are aiming to provide more clickthroughs. After all, not all PPCers are fully using ETAs (Extended Text Ads – read more here). With ETAs you have more opportunity to test different ways of presenting the same message. Advertisers who have more than one ad average a 21% higher clickthrough rate than those with just one. So with Ad Suggestions, Google hopes to deliver higher clickthrough rates to advertisers.

What Will Google Actually DO?

They’ll use the already launched Ad Variations to automatically create Ad Suggestions. The ads produced won’t be markedly different to what you’re already running.


What WON’T Google Do?

They won’t create new ads, or original content. They also won’t create ads for industries where specific advertising laws apply – for instance pharma, healthcare, finance etc. Any Ad Groups with disapproved or limited approval ads won’t see Ad Suggestions.

You can change, pause or remove the ads at any time – you can filter to see which ones are Google Ad Suggestions to make this quicker.


What If I Don’t Want This?

That’s fine, if you want to switch off Google Ad Suggestions just go to your Account Settings Page, expand ‘Ad Suggestions’ and click on ‘Don’t automatically apply Ad Suggestions’.

Where Do I Find This?

To find this new feature, you will have to visit the recommendations page in the new AdWords interface. You have 14 days to approve the new ad copy before it is automatically applied to your adgroup alongside existing ads. If you are not keen on the text that Google has provided, you have the option to decline the new ad or pause any that have been added already. You can also completely opt out of this feature if that’s of interest to you.

Do You Recommend Google Ad Suggestions?

I believe that this is a great addition to Google AdWords for advertisers especially. Here’s a few reasons why:

·         The ad suggestions are purely data driven, which means they should be high performing and extremely relevant.

·         It saves time thinking of new ideas to create new variations of your existing ads.

·         It’s an automated optimisation feature.

·         Google supports these new ad suggestions in 6 different languages.

·         They increase overall performance by 5-15%!

Are There Any Downsides to Ad Suggestions?

This isn’t going to cure everything. There are some potential obstacles that you may want to bear in mind before testing this new feature:

·         Many businesses have specific requirements in regards to the message they would like to portray within their ads, this therefore means that not all of Google’s suggestions may be entirely appropriate depending on the client’s needs.

·         The ads auto apply to accounts within 14 days of them being created so the advertiser will need to monitor this.

Overall, I think that this new ad technology by Google is a great way for advertisers to save time and improve account performance all at once, which let’s be honest is the absolute dream! You can learn more about the technicalities of Google Ad Suggestions from Google Support

Google Ad Suggestions is now available across the UK, just head to the recommendations tab in the new Google AdWords interface and discover a whole new world of ad automation.

Mobile Advertising Trends for 2018

Mobile is becoming the platform for a variety of digital marketing strategies to reach your customer.

To keep up with your competitors, it is important to utilise this channel to ensure you have covered all bases and are reaching your maximum target audience. Mobile advertising comes with many benefits, one being that it can reach your customer base any time, anywhere. This makes it a vital tool for any promotional campaign.

With a few new trends in mobile advertising in 2018, you’ll be on your way to maximising potential with this marketing channel.

1. Mobile Video
Predicted figures for people watching videos on their mobile devices in 2018 are 36 minutes per day, or 18.5 minutes per day on non-mobile devices. There are many different formats available for mobile video ads to engage your audience and get them to click through to your website. Videos under 2 minutes are the most successful, so keep them short and sweet.

2. Mobile Search
Make sure your website is mobile friendly in terms of search, as many searches with intent to buy occur on mobile devices. Use keywords to attract local customers and think about long-tail ones that include the specific area you are looking to target. Voice search is also increasing in popularity with the rise of Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo. Consider factoring this into your SEO as well.

3. Mobile SEO
As well as having a responsive website, SEO should be implemented in the right way for mobile devices. This will include core ranking, plus indexing and leveraging keywords for mobiles. Your site should download quickly, and focus on relevancy, authority and usefulness. Fix any errors to make it more mobile friendly, create a mobile index and implement mobile keyword research and content creation. This year, Google will also rank search results based on the mobile friendliness of websites, so this should be a key focus in your mind.

4. Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are still very popular, especially for restaurants, fashion, health and fitness, and software. Ensure your app has purpose and will benefit your customers. Don’t invest unless it will really make a difference to your business and customer base. In-app mobile content is also important. Make sure the content is top notch as well as being mobile friendly. Keep it valuable and up to date so you attract more users.

5. Mobile Gamification
Mobile gamification is also becoming a popular tool amongst various businesses. If you want to boost your mobile app, you could consider getting people to redeem coupons or share content on social media. Challenge your audience and get them involved. Come up with competitions or give away coupons for content shares on social media as these will become a valuable part of your mobile marketing campaign.

6. Mobile Ads
Pay-per-click also helps connect you with millions of smartphone users searching for businesses on their phones, with a focus on local ones in particular. Google shopping ads are becoming more popular as they show up on Google search results even if the user has an ad block in place.
Facebook ads can assist with boosting engagement, and these can be very valuable as more than two thirds of Facebook traffic comes from mobiles. Also consider banner ads, display ads and retargeting ads.

Gmail advertising techniques to increase campaign success

Gmail advertising techniques to increase campaign success

Gmail advertising is a very useful tool for promoting your business online. The benefits of these ads are that they appear as a regular email service and are not intrusive to users.
In 2015, Google integrated the ads with the Google AdWords toolbox, making them available to all in order to reach 1 billion monthly active Gmail users. The service allows you to measure reach, click through rate, open rate, forwards, saves and a whole lot more. The ad will appear as a teaser in the user’s inbox to a targeted market group to maximise potential interest.

By following a few of our top tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your Gmail ads.

Gmail advertising top tips

Increase CTR and Quality Score
Even though you can’t see the Quality Score in Gmail, it still exists! Look at the Cost Per Click vs Click Through Rate for a campaign to determine its success. A higher CTR equals a much lower CPC, and a lower CTR equals a much higher CPC. Maximise your open rates, as improving the Quality Score will reward you massively. Use eye-catching subject lines to draw your audience in.
Use emojis
Emojis can increase open rates, as they grab people’s attention, especially on mobile phones. They can potentially increase open rates by around 30%, so it is a strategy well worth implementing. Make them relevant to your content.
Utilise existing email marketing data
Use data from your previous campaigns or marketing strategies to determine why they were successful and work on any improvements. Look at the performance report and open rate data.
Look into deep click analytics
You also need to see what people do after they open the ad. Enable and monitor metrics such as saves, clicks and forwards to track the success of your Gmail advertising campaigns. There are different ad format templates to choose from. Multi-product templates may increase clicks, as people will be more likely to find something they are interested in looking at further.
Monitor your competition
Use your competitor’s domain names to target their own customers. It allows you to target ads that show when a Gmail user receives an email from a competitor business. This enables you to determine in advance whether the audience is interested in your product or service.
You can also target consumers already looking for a product or service that you offer. These are more ready and willing to make a purchase. This is based on following activity and the type of emails previously sent to them.
Target similar audiences by using a customer match list alongside the Similar Audience feature. Simply upload a list of current customers into an Adwords promotion and individuals with similar online behaviours will be located. Gmail advertising can become a useful and effective tool alongside other online marketing strategies for your business.
Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time online, particularly on their phones and looking at their inboxes. The biggest challenge is targeting the right audience, so you should focus on achieving this successfully. By mastering Gmail advertising techniques, you can create a successful marketing campaign to reach your desired audience and boost sales.

Steps To Improve Your Website’s Google SEO Ranking To Gain New Customers

Improving your Google SEO ranking can have a huge impact on the success of your business. The higher up you sit in search engine results, the more people will be able to find you. This means a greater chance of making more sales. Boosting business revenue is important to all companies. Here are a few steps to follow in order to achieve this.
Google SEO

Tips to Improve Google SEO Ranking

1. Publish regular and interesting content
You should strongly consider setting up a blog on your website. Publish regular content to attract customers. This should be interesting and relevant to your market. Engage your readers with high quality content. This may include visual images to enhance their interest. This will improve site traffic, boosting its authority and relevance at the same time.

Keyword phrases

Use a keyword phrase for each page. Consider how the reader might use that phrase within a search engine. Integrate this into your page’s text several times. Ideally, this should be once or twice in the opening and closing paragraphs. In addition, include it two to four extra times in the remainder of the post. Bold, italics, tags and headings can all enhance and highlight your content. Make sure this is done in a subtle way to avoid overdoing it. Post regular content to keep things fresh. This may include updates about your business. It could also involve general industry news, product releases, personal statements or special offers. Think outside of the box. This will increase interest and engage both new and existing readers.
2. Metadata
Insert metadata to enhance your SEO. This is information about the contents of your page. It may include title metadata, description metadata and keyword metadata.

Title metadata

Title metadata is for page titles shown at the top of a browser window. This is highly important. CMS websites have an automated system for this.

Description metadata

Description metadata is the text description that browsers use in the page search return. It entices people to click on it.

Keyword metadata

Keyword metadata involves search phrases that web surfers type when looking to find a page. 6-8 phrases of 1-4 words each is ideal.
3. Make your site link-worthy
Establish relevant links within your text. Instead of ‘click here’ options, try to focus on writing the name of the destination instead. This makes your text more interesting and improves SEO. Use keywords within the link text in order to do this. This also improves the ranking of the page that you are linking to.
4. Use alt tags
It is a good idea to use alt tags to label your videos and images. This is because it allows search engines to find your page. This improves Google SEO rankings. It is crucial, particularly to text-only browsers.
5. Consider a sitemap
A sitemap can list and establish links to all other main pages within your site. This means search spiders can find them more quickly. Users can locate these with less clicks required.
6. Go mobile-friendly
In the current climate, a substantial portion of web traffic comes from mobile users. Ensuring your site is mobile friendly will improve the chances of users staying for longer – and coming back! Such sites also rank higher in Google searches and improve the user experience. This is something Google is very passionate about.

Making A Comeback From Negative Online Customer Reviews To Improve SEO

Customer reviews can form an integral part of any strong digital marketing campaign for your business. According to surveys, 88% of customers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a company before going ahead with a purchase. This can have a massive impact on the success of a business. 85% of consumers are satisfied once having read up to 10 reviews.
These listings are also important for SEO purposes and help to build the ranking of your website in search engine results. This means an increase in sales opportunities. Inviting customers to leave feedback on your products or services will enable others to find out more information and allow them to place trust in you before making a transaction. Word-of-mouth is still a very strong method of recommending a local business to someone. With increasing popularity of social media and review websites however, online reviews are creeping up in importance.
Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to avoid receiving negative feedback on a review site. How you react to this will make or break your reputation and can affect your SEO. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you make a comeback from any negative reviews.

Top Tips

1. Be positive – Reply to any reviews in a calm and positive manner and avoid making accusations. New customers will notice that you are taking criticism on board in order to make further improvements to your business. This will ultimately swing in your favour. It is best not to ignore the review as you can put your side across in the right way. This will keep your reputation in tact and also show that you care about your customers’ concerns.
2. Offer a solution – If a customer isn’t happy with their purchase, be sure to leave your contact details so they can speak with you in private. You can then offer them a solution such as a refund or a free voucher if you feel this would resolve the relationship.
3. Avoid fake reviews – Don’t use a service that invites people to leave fake reviews. This will be obvious to most consumers and will automatically decrease their trust in your business. Having some neutral or negative reviews may even be beneficial. Afterall, no business is perfect and it would look too good to be true with 100% glowing feedback. It will also give you the chance for your customer care skills to shine through when responding to unhappy customers. This is an important consideration for many consumers when placing an order.
4. Use social media and review sites to your advantage to boost the reputation and rankings of your business on the web. It is important to remember that in any industry, you will never make everyone happy. Don’t get disheartened by any negative comments.

Turning Insight into Action

Broadplace recently attended the Google Premier SMB Partner conference. One of the key objectives outlined by Todd Rowe (Managing Director – Google Channel Sales) at the event was that each attendee would have at least one key takeaway from the conference.
With so many valuable sessions taking place, we as an agency wanted to not only share our key thoughts and takeaways with the wider community and customers, but also hold ourselves accountable for turning these insights into action points.
After all, in an industry where we believe that tracking, measuring and optimising are crucial to improving performance – we want to prove, and apply that methodology to our internal strategies as well.
Google SMB Premier Partner

My Top 3 TakeAways


Treat Customer Satisfaction as a Product 

Whilst we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in the panel of exceptional customer service results, we were enthused by the idea of key Googlers who believed in treating customer satisfaction as a product, constantly requiring review and iteration.
Happiness and satisfaction are never static, and are subject to other emotional reference points so we need to learn to not be satisfied with our best in class customer service results either, coming up with new products and ways to measure and improve our clients happiness.
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
In addition to our multiple customer feedback mechanisms we conducted some focus groups with account managers to find out how we could make these satisfaction tools more actionable and useful internally as well, with a question, “How can we improve this product?”.
Our Account Management team felt that by displaying our customer satisfaction in a live view on dashboards around the office they would be motivated by positive feedback and also close the loop and reduce response times to neutral or negative feedback.
Insight into Action
The Result
These product improvements, in combination with many other initiatives, have meant that we’re heading into a record breaking month for customer retention, feedback, referrals and success!


We define every aspect of digital!

Jeff Folckemer gave an influential return speech in which he highlighted how he wants Hearst Newspapers to be the front of all digital and Google products for clients, not just paid advertising products.
Google SMB Premier Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We took a step back and looked at where we stood on adoption of free digital products such as Google My Business map listings and decided that although customers can and should update their own listings for free…that we should lead, by analysing our adoption rates we realised that we needed to own this product more for our customers (completely free of charge) to be recognised and valued as experts on their business.
Taking the extra 5 minutes to help a client get seen on Google Maps really gets us under our clients skin and understand how their business looks from the street, typing in their phone number reminds us how important each call is and uploading their logo brings us closer to the identity that business wants to convey.
The Results
Through adding this as a focus for our existing customers and, including this service as standard for all new customers we’ve managed to push our Google My Business adoption rates up to over 60% and bring extra value to all our customers – all completely free to them!


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

A common theme across all the sessions was that our sales process and services should be easy to follow for customers and our consultants, back to front or side to side! By understanding every single rule and situation, our team are better equipped to go the extra mile when making an exception, creating a custom solution, or dealing with a one in a billion business like yours!
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We’ve been busy on our sales solution front, moving to a completely new CRM to give us valuable customer insight to help match each business with a solution that suits them. Improving our call monitoring to ensure our teams have the best training and resources, and building a newtool ready for launch this week which will allow any business to quickly, simply and clearly create a digital marketing plan of their own!
The Results
These new techniques have allowed our newest digital consultants to bring record numbers of customers online this month, opting them into more custom services than ever before, and with the quickest build and launch times we’ve ever had!


Google Search Gets More Secured

The new secured Google Search as described in Search more securely with encrypted Google web search is a good step forward from Google.
Today, most people are wishing for enhanced security features and control over other channels which are likely to access their online communication. Next time you search for something, you will observe the web address is most likely to begin with “httpss” or a browser lock icon which reflects its secured status. This implies that information which has passed from your computer to the web address has been encrypted enabling no third party to gain access to the same.
Google has already adapted SSL security features for its mail service viz. Gmail and Google docs. Just recently Google went ahead to providing SSL security to search queries as well. Next time whenever you search on httpss:// , an encrypted connection will be established between your browser and Google. This service is distinguished by a modified logo stating your search query is under the SSL security and that no third party will be able to access the same.
With a recent launch of the same service under the ‘beta’ label, you will easily understand that it covers the core Google web search products. The links such as Image Search and maps will not be visible on the screen as they do not support the SSL at this juncture. So, do not get worried if your screen does not show the Image Search or Maps links.
Lastly, you may witness a slight slowing down of the search results as first the encryption channel between your browser and the remote web server needs to be fully functional before the data is sent across. Nevertheless, rest assured, the search results will be still the same.
Before winding up, Google has initiated the SSL encryption process to prevent third parties from accessing search related information. At no point the quality of search results will falter or defer as Google is committed to provide you with the best quality search results. In case you opt for Google Images or Maps, your search query will be out of the SSL Loop.
Lastly, Google hopes more and more websites and Google users opt for encryption services which offer better security and privacy option to online users.
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SEO – How Search Engines Work with SEO

There are four basic things that search engines do.  They process queries, they crawl the web, they rank results, and they index things.  Processing queries means that it takes the words placed into the search box and figures out what matches.  Crawling the web means that the search engines have spiders or bots that travel over web pages.  Ranking results means the search engine uses things like SEO to decide which results are most relevant to the search query. Indexing documents just basically means the search engine knows where to file the page.  So this is the starting point on how a search engine operates. A good SEO Agency providing SEO Consulting services will help you get your site set well for SEO
There are a few things that prevent website or pages within a site to be essentially invisible from search engines.  Some examples of things that will block or severely slow the showing of a site or page include having 100+ links on one page, cookie requirements, frame use, depth pages, form submission pages, blocked pages, login pages, redirect pages, and pages that use a drop down menu.  Using straightforward links with HTML coding is a good way to make sure your site doesn’t have these problems.  This isn’t quite as directly related to SEO, although using it won’t do you much good if your page is blocked for other reasons.
Relevance and popularity is another huge factor in how a search engine returns results. Relevance is where SEO really comes into play.  The number of times a keyword or phrase is used, the more relevant it is, although using too many of a keyword or phrase may deem it as spamming, and thus given a less relevant result.  Popularity references backlinks on the web.  If your site has a lot of links coming back to the page, it is likely to be more popular and thus score better on the search engine rankings.
It used to be that websites could cram a bunch of keywords and meta-tags onto their HTML coding, and they would pull up huge, awesome search engine results.  That’s not how it works anymore, and since the search engines changed the way they handle this, it’s gotten more trustworthy in results.  Search engines also keep track of what domains are more trustworthy than others.  Using SEO is a great way to get good results, and using relevance and popularity are also very helpful tools that will place your website where it truly belongs in the search engine results.
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Cool Feature – Answer highlighting by Google

Google’s blog (
Covers their effort regarding collating unstructured data to provide right information to users in the search results itself. Google Squared ( is an early effort from Google to automatically find , identify and extract structured data from across the web. Google has used the research for a new feature called  “answer highlighting.” This cool feature helps you get to information more quickly by seeking out and bolding the likely answer to your question right in search results.
This feature is helpful to get factual information like Consider the example, [empire state height]
The quick answers is only helpful for only a certain kind of search queries. A query like “History of London” may not be useful for “Answer highlighting”. This is definitely a good experiment and will add a good amount of quick information right in the serch output. The searcher get the information which they are looking on Google page instead of going to various web sites. We also think that the technology will definitely enhance the way Google is and will understand the web site content.
It will be good to see how PPC Management Companies as well as SEO Companies help their clients understanding the new features which are getting introduced by Google.

Google’s “Answer Highlighting” research covers their effort regarding collating unstructured data to provide right information to users in the search results itself. Google Squared  is an early effort from Google to automatically find , identify and extract structured data from across the web. Google has used the research for a new feature called  “answer Highlighting.” This cool feature helps you get to information more quickly by seeking out and bolding the likely answer to your question right in search results.
This feature is helpful to get factual information like Consider the example, [empire state height]
Answer Highlighting
The quick answers is only helpful for only a certain kind of search queries. A query like “History of London” may not be useful for “Answer highlighting”. This is definitely a good experiment and will add a good amount of quick information right in the search output. The searcher get the information which they are looking on Google page instead of going to various web sites. We also think that the technology will definitely enhance the way Google is and will understand the web site content.
It will be good to see how PPC Management Companies as well as SEO Companies help their clients understand the new features which are getting introduced by Google.
Broadplace is a well recognised PPC and SEO Company having well defined R&D processes to continuously update the new changes in SEM space.

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