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If you were looking for Yahoo’s comment on Google …. Hold your breath …Yahoo seems to have welcomed Google Instant. In its blog post Back to the Future: Innovation is Alive in Search ; Yahoo! has mentioned that “Instant Feature” was introduced by Yahoo way back in 2005. Yahoo search was ahead of curve at that time. At that time, the  search engine guru Danny Sullivan referred to the feature as a “weird one.” For some of the users the feature was too early, and the results were too overwhelming for others, Yahoo! filed patent applications on the feature and continued to build upon and innovate in the search experience.
The blog post is signed by Shashi Seth (Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Search Products); the post also mentioned that the feature was extended further in 2007 with a new tool to anticipate a user’s intended search and to offer suggestions. That technology further evolved as “Yahoo! Search Assist”.
The statement regarding Google Instant is as follows: “the door remains wide open for continued innovation in the search experience. We believe that we are still at the beginning of not only how, but how quickly, search results will be presented.”
We are quite sure that the experiments with the leading search players will benefit the users for sure.
SO, happy with the experiments.. We are awaiting a formal blog post from Bing too! Shall update the blog once we come across such post.
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PPC Cost Management 5 Tricks

September 24th, 2010

PPC Cost management is one of the prime concerns of any Pay Per Click Expert. How do I have a control over cost and at the same time make sure that the campaign doesn’t throttle the effectiveness of the converting keywords. I am quite sure all of you must be using various tools as well as would have built thumb rules to check and manage PPC Costs
We thought, we can put together 5 quick tricks of PPC Cost management.
PPC Cost Management Trick 1 : Sort on Cost and rationalise on Spend distribution depending on Business Needs
Yes, if we are talking about cost then choose (lets say last 7 days / last 30 days) and sort on the cost at the keyword level. The distribution of the cost across keyword tells a lot about how the campaign is performing. Do 1 or 2 Keywords eat up most of your budget? Is it right representation of your business? Can you try a few other relevant keywords instead of spending all budget on a few keywords. You may like to play on a bit lower position for the spending keywords. Sometimes, if Q score of your keyword is good; though you reduce the bid ; you may keep the position intact at the lower cost. Thus, the trick number 1 will help you identify these keywords and you can start controlled experiments with these keywords.
PPC Cost Management Trick 2: Quality Score.
Check Quality score of the high cost / click keywords. You cans separate them into small adgroups and give a special treatment (Ad copy with the keywords in the text as well a land on relevant destination URL). We have seen tremendous cost savings if the quality score improves due to regrouping of the keywords in small adgroups. This helps identify the regrouping keywords. Sometimes you may have to up the bid for sometime to get good CTR and improvement in q score. But again one had to really monitor the experiment.
PPC Cost Management Trick 3 : Sort on Clicks / Impression
This is a bit deeper that the previous points. Understand the high click keywords and understand what part of your service line / product line is getting more exposure. Should you divert a bit of budget to few other categories? Another sort could be that of Impressions. It may so happen that highly searched term may not be having a better position., You can use some the other tricks (Including increasing the max Bid) to allow more relevant clicks.
PPC Cost Management Trick 4 :  relevant Geo Targeting / Time Scheduling
If you provide your service only around 50 miles from your location and if you are running the adverts across country , many of the clicks and thus budget is wasted. Please check the setting s regarding geo targeting. You may also want to know the time of the day when your prospective customer buys your service / product. You may like to curtail the exposure of your adverts throughout the day.
PPC Cost Management Trick 5 : Search Query Analysis
Run the search query and find out the irrelevant keywords, Put them in negatives. Your impressions may come down and clicks may come down but its better to not spend your precious budget on non relevant keywords
I hope you liked this blog post regarding PPC Cost Management and we look forward for your comments.

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Google Instant Not Working

Now that you want to test out Google Instant but the problem that you face is  “Google Instant is not working for me”
We are trying to list some of the reasons for “Google Instant Not Working” for you.
1.    Check Your Google Domain : Google Instant is NOT yet available on all the Google Domains. Google Instant is starting to roll-out to users on Google domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia
2.    Check your Browser : Google Instant is currently available for following browsers only : Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac and Internet Explorer v8.
3.    Have you logged on ? Please note, users on domains other than can only access Google Instant if they are signed in to a Google Account
4.    have you Turned it off: One of the reason of Google Instant Not working can be that you have switched it off. Please turn it on (There is a small link next to the search box)
5.    Check the Internet speed : Some of the users faced issue on a very bad internet connection.
You may also like to read Google  Page regarding Google Instant
Please feel free to let us know if you find any more reason for “Google Instant Not working”
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Google Instant Challenges

When good and bad (or wait and watch) reviews , blogs, updates poured on millions of web pages regarding Google Instant ; one would like to know “what went behind scenes to get Google instant Happening?”
Major change : Now Google Search page has turned from a static HTML page into an AJAX application!!! I am sure you would appreciate the technological challenge that Google would have faced to make this happen.
First Google Instant Challenge to Make the design relevant and not distracting (though; there is a huge debate still going on the blogsphere regarding the “Distracting” nature of the Instant). But I am quite sure that Google will fine-tune further to take care of the distraction as noticed and mentioned by many of the users.
Before the release Google went through many prototypes ; usability studies (testing with people from the community), dogfooding (testing with Google employees) as well as search experiments (testing with a small percentage of Google users; some of our heavy users of Google seemed to have got early preview of the tool)
Check some of the examples here:

Google Instant User Experience 1
Google Instant User Experience 2

In the end, Google  hit upon two features that worked well together: first, a query prediction in the search box in gray text and second, results for the top prediction that update continuously while the user types.
Second Google Instant Challenge: The infrastructure challenge: 5-7X more results pages for typical searches
Google knows that in search every second counts. Google has been (and will) keep working towards not just relevancy of search but how quick and fast it gets delivered. But the challenge which needed to be surmounted by the Google Infrastructure team is to serve 5-7 times more search results without losing the quickness.  One simple solution is to invest humongous amount of server power but Google wanted smarter solution.
And this is what Google did:
•    Google deployed new caches that can handle high request rates while keeping results fresh as we continuously crawl and re-index the web.
•    Google  introduced user-state data into our back-ends to keep track of the results pages already shown to a given user—this way we don’t re-fetch the same results repeatedly.
•    Google optimized page-rendering JavaScript code to help ensure web browsers could keep up with the rest of the system.
I am sure all of you are getting useed to Google Instant and I am also sure that Google Instant will get better and Better.
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Google Instant is Live

Google instant is live. Check it here . We had mentioned about this some days back on this blog.  At that time Google was mentioning is as  Streaming. Check “Google Turn on Streaming
Google Instant is rolling out over several days to users signed in to a Google Account. s
As was mentioned in the previous blog ; this will definitely affect both the way Organic (SEO) and Adwords need to be strategise. There will be very less importance to misspells!!!
Broadpalce as PPC and SEO company will advise customers and prospect regarding how to get the best out of this.
Google Instant!!!!

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