Google’s Ad Suggestions And How You Will Benefit

Google have rolled out a new ‘recommendations’ feature called Google Ad Suggestions. We asked Broadplace’s Ella Cicero to break down what they are, how they work and how they could help your business…

“Research has shown that ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5% to 15% more clicks or conversions than ad groups with only 1 ad, provided ad rotation has been optimized. The more ads you provide, the more options you’ll have to show the ideal message for each user search.”

So, What Are Google Ads?

Quite simply, Google Ad Suggestions automatically generate ads based on account data and existing ad copy. 

How Will These Affect The Way Advertisers Work?

We take a lot of time and care to deliver the best ads possible for our clients. We take pride in our abilities. But it does take a lot of time. So when Google announced the launch of Ad Suggestions back in April (rolling out now) we were in two minds about how this would affect how we work and the overall quality of ads within the industry. We were delighted at the prospect of freeing up time to test multiple ads for ad groups without having to rewrite each one. Any writer will tell you that to say the same things multiple ways is a challenge.


But What About Letting Google Have Involvement in Our Ads?

Well, they are only suggestions. Read on for instructions on how to disable them. But we think you’ll want to use them…

Why Are Google Introducing These?

In terms of the industry, it should improve things – Google are aiming to provide more clickthroughs. After all, not all PPCers are fully using ETAs (Extended Text Ads – read more here). With ETAs you have more opportunity to test different ways of presenting the same message. Advertisers who have more than one ad average a 21% higher clickthrough rate than those with just one. So with Ad Suggestions, Google hopes to deliver higher clickthrough rates to advertisers.

What Will Google Actually DO?

They’ll use the already launched Ad Variations to automatically create Ad Suggestions. The ads produced won’t be markedly different to what you’re already running.


What WON’T Google Do?

They won’t create new ads, or original content. They also won’t create ads for industries where specific advertising laws apply – for instance pharma, healthcare, finance etc. Any Ad Groups with disapproved or limited approval ads won’t see Ad Suggestions.

You can change, pause or remove the ads at any time – you can filter to see which ones are Google Ad Suggestions to make this quicker.


What If I Don’t Want This?

That’s fine, if you want to switch off Google Ad Suggestions just go to your Account Settings Page, expand ‘Ad Suggestions’ and click on ‘Don’t automatically apply Ad Suggestions’.

Where Do I Find This?

To find this new feature, you will have to visit the recommendations page in the new AdWords interface. You have 14 days to approve the new ad copy before it is automatically applied to your adgroup alongside existing ads. If you are not keen on the text that Google has provided, you have the option to decline the new ad or pause any that have been added already. You can also completely opt out of this feature if that’s of interest to you.

Do You Recommend Google Ad Suggestions?

I believe that this is a great addition to Google AdWords for advertisers especially. Here’s a few reasons why:

·         The ad suggestions are purely data driven, which means they should be high performing and extremely relevant.

·         It saves time thinking of new ideas to create new variations of your existing ads.

·         It’s an automated optimisation feature.

·         Google supports these new ad suggestions in 6 different languages.

·         They increase overall performance by 5-15%!

Are There Any Downsides to Ad Suggestions?

This isn’t going to cure everything. There are some potential obstacles that you may want to bear in mind before testing this new feature:

·         Many businesses have specific requirements in regards to the message they would like to portray within their ads, this therefore means that not all of Google’s suggestions may be entirely appropriate depending on the client’s needs.

·         The ads auto apply to accounts within 14 days of them being created so the advertiser will need to monitor this.

Overall, I think that this new ad technology by Google is a great way for advertisers to save time and improve account performance all at once, which let’s be honest is the absolute dream! You can learn more about the technicalities of Google Ad Suggestions from Google Support

Google Ad Suggestions is now available across the UK, just head to the recommendations tab in the new Google AdWords interface and discover a whole new world of ad automation.

Google Apps Marketplace Completed Six Months

Google Apps Marketplace was born around six months back. Since then the growth has been really phenomenal. Today , more than 4 million users have been using / Installed Google Apps on their domain. Its really a huge number to achieve in over just six months.  The official site of Google Apps Marketplace covers various apps which are available for users to install and use. The Google Apps Marketplace offers products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps. Installable apps are easy to use because they include single sign-on, Google’s universal navigation, and some even include features that integrate with your domain’s data.
Google Apps are catgories under various catgories like ; Accouting and Finance , Customet Management, Project Management. The lsit is available at the official site. There is a section on the “Popular Apps’ ; it gives a quick view of the Apps which are being used by the users. There are more than 200 integrated apps available to Google Apps users. These really help the business needs.
One can also see the ratings of the apps , it helps decide the right application as well as how users are finding the app. Some of the latest apps are as follows:
•  Grockit – Social Learning Platform for Students
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar sync, Google Docs
•  Elance – Talent Acquisition and Management
Integrations: Single sign-on
•  ERPLY – Enterprise Resource Planning
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar
•  Insync – Document Management
Intergrations: Single sign-on, Google Docs sync, Google Contacts
•  Rainmaker – Social CRM
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Contact Sync
•  Pipeline Deals – Customer Management
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar Sync, Google Contacts Sync
•  Idea2 – Customer Management
Integrations: Single sign-on, Gmail, Google Calendar
•  Kashoo – Accounting and Finance
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail
•  SimplifyThis – Productivity
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Calendar
•  OffiServ – Productivity
•  Mindquilt – Productivity
Integrations: Single sign-on, Gmail, Google Talk
•  RecMan – Security and Compliance
Integrations: Single sign-on, Google Docs, Gmail
We hope you will have a visit and check for a useful Google App for you!!!!
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Google Realtime Search

Google Realtime Search ; now what it is after so much of media attention regarding Google Instant? Google Realtime Search lets you see up-to-the-second social updates, news articles and blog posts about hot topics around the world. You can check it here
Google realtime is a separate search engine dedicated to real time results only. e.g. one can check 50cc scooters on the realtime search interface.  Google had signed deals with Twitter, Facebook and Myspace and has been embedding real time results in the main body of search since December last year.  All of us must have noticed that already. Some of may also clicked on “More” tab and ‘Update” tab on left side to check the real time updates of the search result.
However, Google has now developed a standalone “Real Time” Search engine. This crawls the web for the most up-to-the moment search results as shows them to the searchers. Dylan Casey, a product manager at Google, wrote that “On the new homepage you’ll find some great tools to help you refine and understand your results. First, you can use geographic refinements to find updates and news near you, or in a region you specify. So if you’re traveling to Los Angeles this summer, you can check out tweets from Angelenos to get ideas for activities happening right where you are.”
Check the product Video for more details about Google Realtime.

It’s a very good search tool since we can get information about a topic or incident as real as it can get. Its faster, there are tabs for refining results with respect to location time and more. This feature of Google realtime helps refine the results very precisely. One can follow conversations using the tool.
The Google realtime results are also integrated with the Google alerts thus one can set the alerts and keep getting the feed as it happens.
Google realtime is definitely a must check and we shall keep evaluating how it can prove to beneficial for advertisers as well as searchers.

Google Health, A Cool Tool

Google Health was released around 2 years back but it has really evolved pretty well. The Tag line of the tool / app is “Better health comes from better information.”  All of you have always think that you should take care of your health but just get busier and busier in you day to day work / commitments ; check out the cool features of Google Health Here
Google Health helps Organize, track, monitor, and act on your health information. Just the right tool that you were looking for? Right? Check out some of the screen shots:
Google Health Screen Shot 1
Google Health Screen Shot 2
So what are the salient features?

  1. Manage your Health Information Online
  2. Set Personal Health Goals
  3. Track your Progress
  4. Share your Health Information
  5. Personalize your Health Needs with Content and Apps/Devices

    Besides tracking progress toward your health goals, the new design also gives you the ability to take notes or keep a journal on your progress for each health condition or medication you’re taking.
    In addition to redesigning the product and forming new partnerships with device and mobile apps developers, we’ve continued to expand our more traditional integrations with hospitals and other healthcare data providers. Three recent highlights include Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Sharp HealthCare.
    Google Health has become even more potent application / tool  to organize your health data and information online. The tool also helps define and achieve your health Goals easily.  Google thinks you’ll find that organized, measurable and engaging information helps make it easier to achieve better health and wellness.
    So, what are you waiting for; Try out Google Health!!!
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    Google Instant Not Working

    Now that you want to test out Google Instant but the problem that you face is  “Google Instant is not working for me”
    We are trying to list some of the reasons for “Google Instant Not Working” for you.
    1.    Check Your Google Domain : Google Instant is NOT yet available on all the Google Domains. Google Instant is starting to roll-out to users on Google domains in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia
    2.    Check your Browser : Google Instant is currently available for following browsers only : Chrome v5/6, Firefox v3, Safari v5 for Mac and Internet Explorer v8.
    3.    Have you logged on ? Please note, users on domains other than can only access Google Instant if they are signed in to a Google Account
    4.    have you Turned it off: One of the reason of Google Instant Not working can be that you have switched it off. Please turn it on (There is a small link next to the search box)
    5.    Check the Internet speed : Some of the users faced issue on a very bad internet connection.
    You may also like to read Google  Page regarding Google Instant
    Please feel free to let us know if you find any more reason for “Google Instant Not working”
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    Google Instant Challenges

    When good and bad (or wait and watch) reviews , blogs, updates poured on millions of web pages regarding Google Instant ; one would like to know “what went behind scenes to get Google instant Happening?”
    Major change : Now Google Search page has turned from a static HTML page into an AJAX application!!! I am sure you would appreciate the technological challenge that Google would have faced to make this happen.
    First Google Instant Challenge to Make the design relevant and not distracting (though; there is a huge debate still going on the blogsphere regarding the “Distracting” nature of the Instant). But I am quite sure that Google will fine-tune further to take care of the distraction as noticed and mentioned by many of the users.
    Before the release Google went through many prototypes ; usability studies (testing with people from the community), dogfooding (testing with Google employees) as well as search experiments (testing with a small percentage of Google users; some of our heavy users of Google seemed to have got early preview of the tool)
    Check some of the examples here:

    Google Instant User Experience 1
    Google Instant User Experience 2

    In the end, Google  hit upon two features that worked well together: first, a query prediction in the search box in gray text and second, results for the top prediction that update continuously while the user types.
    Second Google Instant Challenge: The infrastructure challenge: 5-7X more results pages for typical searches
    Google knows that in search every second counts. Google has been (and will) keep working towards not just relevancy of search but how quick and fast it gets delivered. But the challenge which needed to be surmounted by the Google Infrastructure team is to serve 5-7 times more search results without losing the quickness.  One simple solution is to invest humongous amount of server power but Google wanted smarter solution.
    And this is what Google did:
    •    Google deployed new caches that can handle high request rates while keeping results fresh as we continuously crawl and re-index the web.
    •    Google  introduced user-state data into our back-ends to keep track of the results pages already shown to a given user—this way we don’t re-fetch the same results repeatedly.
    •    Google optimized page-rendering JavaScript code to help ensure web browsers could keep up with the rest of the system.
    I am sure all of you are getting useed to Google Instant and I am also sure that Google Instant will get better and Better.
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    Google Caffeine Release Complete Update

    All of you webmasters who had been noticing the faster and faster indexing of your web pages / blog posts etc now are sure that the Caffeine release is completed. In its blog post Our new search index: Caffeine Google has announced the completion of a new web indexing system called Caffeine. It will help users find fresh and relevant content on Google’s search pages 50% faster compared to its previous index. This would simply mean that the content posted on the Internet be it news article, blog posts or any other information will find links to relevant content quickly after it has been published.
    When users search for information on Google’s homepage they are actually not searching it on the live Internet they are looking out for content on Google’s index of the web. It is a collection of information which Google has stored and once the searcher types his search query in the search bar Google returns with relevant information from its indexed pages.
    The content on the Internet is multiplying at lightning speed, photos, news articles, blogs, forums and discussions, videos and the real time updates have made the web an information hub which is being updated every second. This is making the content richer, more accurate and complex at the same time. Searchers want relevant and precise information amid all this the publishers are trying their best by publishing content as and when anything happens. The publishers want the published information to reach the searchers as soon as possible after it is posted on the Internet.
    To meet the demands of the users and the content publishers Google has built Caffeine. The search engine had a layer based index previously, the most important layer used to be updated in a couple of weeks. This was resulting in delay between the content being posted on the web and its availability to the searchers.
    Caffeine will help Google analyze the web in small parts and will update its search index continuously worldwide. Google will add the new pages to its index at a much faster rate which means fresh information will be available to the searchers irrespective of where and when the content is being published.
    With Caffeine Google will index pages at a vast scale and speed, to be precise every second. It has the capacity to take up 100 million gigabytes of storage in a single database and add fresh information at the rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. The ultimate goal is to serve users with relevant and updated information every time they search for something on Google.
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    Freeze Frame from Google

    Google search is not just about relevance , quick and useful but Google is adding “Fun” to it too!! As per the blog Freeze Frame Google moves to one step further to personlisation on the Google search page. Last week we mentioned about the usefulness of Secured search this week its more about the personalisation and fun part of the search. The new release allows to add the favourite image / photo to the Google home page.
    How nice it would be to add the pic from a recent vacation that you had or may be the photo of the near and dear one of yous. The feature may not have a great value from the technical aspects of search but it definitely adds a good amont of emotional value to Google’s search page!!!!
    One can choose the image from your computer or your Picasa Web album or it could be public gallery hosted by Picasa. I am sure you will like something or the other from the huge collection of images on the gallery.
    Check :
    Google Page get Personalised with Freeze Frame
    Google is beginning to roll out this new feature to users in the U.S. over the next few days, so if you don’t see a link in the lower left-hand corner of now, check back soon. For those of you outside of the U.S., you can expect to see this new feature in the coming days as Google roll it out internationally to offer similar, consistent experiences globally.
    We will come back with more SEO and PPC News soon…
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    Google Search Gets More Secured

    The new secured Google Search as described in Search more securely with encrypted Google web search is a good step forward from Google.
    Today, most people are wishing for enhanced security features and control over other channels which are likely to access their online communication. Next time you search for something, you will observe the web address is most likely to begin with “httpss” or a browser lock icon which reflects its secured status. This implies that information which has passed from your computer to the web address has been encrypted enabling no third party to gain access to the same.
    Google has already adapted SSL security features for its mail service viz. Gmail and Google docs. Just recently Google went ahead to providing SSL security to search queries as well. Next time whenever you search on httpss:// , an encrypted connection will be established between your browser and Google. This service is distinguished by a modified logo stating your search query is under the SSL security and that no third party will be able to access the same.
    With a recent launch of the same service under the ‘beta’ label, you will easily understand that it covers the core Google web search products. The links such as Image Search and maps will not be visible on the screen as they do not support the SSL at this juncture. So, do not get worried if your screen does not show the Image Search or Maps links.
    Lastly, you may witness a slight slowing down of the search results as first the encryption channel between your browser and the remote web server needs to be fully functional before the data is sent across. Nevertheless, rest assured, the search results will be still the same.
    Before winding up, Google has initiated the SSL encryption process to prevent third parties from accessing search related information. At no point the quality of search results will falter or defer as Google is committed to provide you with the best quality search results. In case you opt for Google Images or Maps, your search query will be out of the SSL Loop.
    Lastly, Google hopes more and more websites and Google users opt for encryption services which offer better security and privacy option to online users.
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    Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

    All of you who wished that Google Analytics should not count your own visits to your site; Here is a solution Greater choice and transparency for Google Analytics
    Google has announced the availability of opt-out browser add-on. The Beta version of teh add-on got release on 25-May.  It provides users a choice to not to send the data to Google Analytics. The add-on stops data from being sent from your computer when you visit websites that use Google Analytics Javascript (ga.js) to track usage.
    All of us who analyse the data / visits / Visitor profile using Google Analytics; we always had to subtract our own visits. Sometimes it really was painful and we always though Google should provide some effective tool in Analytics itself to take care of the discrepancies. The add on is definitely a way forward in that direction and I am sure Google Analytics users will love it for sure.
    You can download the beta version of as-on here
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    Cool Feature – Answer highlighting by Google

    Google’s blog (
    Covers their effort regarding collating unstructured data to provide right information to users in the search results itself. Google Squared ( is an early effort from Google to automatically find , identify and extract structured data from across the web. Google has used the research for a new feature called  “answer highlighting.” This cool feature helps you get to information more quickly by seeking out and bolding the likely answer to your question right in search results.
    This feature is helpful to get factual information like Consider the example, [empire state height]
    The quick answers is only helpful for only a certain kind of search queries. A query like “History of London” may not be useful for “Answer highlighting”. This is definitely a good experiment and will add a good amount of quick information right in the serch output. The searcher get the information which they are looking on Google page instead of going to various web sites. We also think that the technology will definitely enhance the way Google is and will understand the web site content.
    It will be good to see how PPC Management Companies as well as SEO Companies help their clients understanding the new features which are getting introduced by Google.

    Google’s “Answer Highlighting” research covers their effort regarding collating unstructured data to provide right information to users in the search results itself. Google Squared  is an early effort from Google to automatically find , identify and extract structured data from across the web. Google has used the research for a new feature called  “answer Highlighting.” This cool feature helps you get to information more quickly by seeking out and bolding the likely answer to your question right in search results.
    This feature is helpful to get factual information like Consider the example, [empire state height]
    Answer Highlighting
    The quick answers is only helpful for only a certain kind of search queries. A query like “History of London” may not be useful for “Answer highlighting”. This is definitely a good experiment and will add a good amount of quick information right in the search output. The searcher get the information which they are looking on Google page instead of going to various web sites. We also think that the technology will definitely enhance the way Google is and will understand the web site content.
    It will be good to see how PPC Management Companies as well as SEO Companies help their clients understand the new features which are getting introduced by Google.
    Broadplace is a well recognised PPC and SEO Company having well defined R&D processes to continuously update the new changes in SEM space.

    The Basics Behind Adwords New Interface

    Adwords has been growing like a weed since it was first introduced to the Internet community and it has been one of the most popular programs with advertisers ever since. It is one of the many bits and pieces of Google that is consistently reinventing itself and recently a new interface was released for the program. It is currently available on the active campaigns tab and users can switch back and forth between the old and new interface for thirty days so that they can get used to it. All of the news accounts that have been created since its appearance in campaigns use the new interface.
    There are some changes to Adwords that make the new interface different. Here are some of the highlights.

    • Left navigation has been added to the main screen giving the program an Adwords Editor feel. This makes navigation through the program considerably easier as now you look at your entire account with one click.
    • You can now see all content on all levels of a tab hierarchy which helps you with analysis of your Adwords campaign.
    • A keywords tab has been added to the new interface as well as graphs similar to ones being used in Google Analytics. This allows the user to spot trends quickly and view metrics and data comparisons.
    • You can now define rules for your keywords, ads and placements thanks to the new filter feature. You can also set the CTR percentage so that you can phase out of words that no longer produce results.
    • You can create new campaigns easily with the simplified interface. Bids, ads and keywords can all be created and set using the campaign management tabs after the ad groups have been created.
    • The ease of Adwords Editor has been added to the new interface in order for users to edit their keywords when needed.

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